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I remember Mother bringing home a notebook some years ago in which was written a bunch of Korean stuff, I remember thinking it was the coolest thing. I have no idea what it said, but it seemed private for some reason because I couldn’t understand it.

Currently…I’m…what can be considered fluent…in English…I’m pretty fluent in Vietnamese…and I’m…err yar….in French. I’m planning to learn Japanese and Chinese sometime soon.

For whatever reason, English doesn’t sound romantic to me. I don’t know what it is. When I think of phrases in English and Vietnamese, I feel as if the Vietnamese phrase is deeper, has more meaning. Let’s take, for example…

I love you. Means totally NOTHING to me. I can imagine myself saying this to anyone. Love ya! I can write this on any card…I love you!

Je t’aime. Yea I already say that tons. Lolz.

But…Em yeu anh. OMG I could NEVER say that to anyone. I couldn’t imagine myself saying or writing this to any future lover. To me it just carries so much weight. Why is that? It means the exact same thing as the two previous phrases and yet, I could never say it. I just tried saying it outloud, I almost couldn’t say the last word!

I guess these terms are a bit too cliche. You can probably argue that I love you means nothing to me because I hear people say it all the time and not mean it. It’s overused by everyone else so why should it be meaningful to me?…Whereas…Em yeu anh…aside from in songs, I’ve heard no one say this to anyone in real life and so…I don’t know, there’s something dark and mysterious about it.

Ok then how about something else….er….

I sit under the moon and think of you. Ok not very poetic. But I can totally and willingly write that in a letter to a “lover.”

J’essais sous la lune et pense a toi. Yea…yea I’m not shy from that.


Em ngoi duoi trang va nho den anh. OMG if I ever wrote that in a card the handwriting would come out scribbled as shizz…and the phrase would be unfinished because…I wouldn’t be able to finish writing!

What is it??? Maybe because I’m not used to Vietnamese? I’m fluent in it and all but I’ve never really had to explore the poetic, deep side of the lanuage and so it’s still too intense for me to grasp? I can imagine myself…like say a lover from the future asks me over the phone what I’m doing…I can definitely say….Thinkin’ of you…or I can say…Je pense a toi…but I CAN’T say…Em nho den anh. That’s just so…I don’t know what.

I love writing, I love words and languages and but…there’s something about Vietnamese, Chinese…Japanese that’s deep and…intense and meaningful for me and I don’t now why. French…not so much…

English I can say anything, no shyness, no embarrassment…French…same…

But Vietnamese…I don’t know. Something…about it.

I guess I could maybe write it….that’s not so bad…but directly SAYING the words, having them coming straight from me…I can’t.

Idk why.

: )


Posted April 17, 2009 by .unpaused. in Musings

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