You know what really "grinds my gears"?   Leave a comment

People who purposely put you in awkward decision making situations.

Such as…

Mother knows that every freaking Saturday I have dance practice. I know she always uses the “I forgot” excuse (which always got me in trouble whenever I used it) but honestly, if you can’t even remember that your daughter has dance practice EVERY EFFIN SATURDAY then wtf?

So anyway, she knows that I have practice every Saturday and yet every now and then she still asks me to go play for a funeral which happens…guess…during dance practice. So wth am I supposed to do with 8 girls…for an hour while I’m not there? Honestly!

Before, when I was telling her about how the TSC people expected me to practice with the girls as well as go get food for them, she agreed that wth am I supposed to do with the girls while I waste time getting food. But now that it’s about something she wants, it’s OK that I just ditch the girls for an hour.

I don’t even like this lady. (Her pops or something died, not her). Freakin lady is stupid! She effin made me cry! She’s lame, I don’t even like her! And her kids, I don’t hate them but I’m not big fans of them either!

But anyway, Mother claims that “if you can come then come but if you can’t then don’t.” But you know what she really wants, for me to come, otherwise she wouldn’t’ve asked. And then when I go “what are the dancers supposed to do while I’m gone for an hour?” She goes “O you have dance practice? I forgot.” Godfuckingfuckyoubitch.

So now, I am put in the awkward situation of deciding whether or not I should play. If I play, I’ll be annoyed the whole damn effin time. I know that Cha Vuong will probably be doing the mass so it’ll be longer than an hour because this lady actually knows him so he’ll go on and on with his homily. And I’ll feel as if I’ve ditched the girls for an hour. What kinda dance captain goes “Come to practice at 10AM but I won’t be there.” WTF??? AND! I know that the girls probably won’t be practicing what I asked them to so when I come back and realize that they weren’t practicing what I’d asked, I’ll be uber, uber annoyed but then I can’t get outright pissed because I wasn’t there in the first place!

And if I don’t play, then she’ll be a bitch for…as long as she wants.

I guess what I could do is, since hopefully most of them will already be there by 9AM, take like 10 mins away from the first practice and go over the dang hoa song and then ask them to please practice that while I’m away and then come back, go over that a little and then do over the other, other song.

Godwtf???? I knew that she was going to ask, I just knew. But we were getting along so well that I thought she’d gotten smarter and loandbehold, she has not.


Posted April 17, 2009 by .unpaused. in Life

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