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HNRS 230 –

Timeline Project: Need to start working on. Did it, turned it in a week late.

Class Presentation: I hate partner/group projects. The guy I was partnered with for this presentation didn’t do any of the readings. He came in to class with a total of 3 discussion questions. And then he ended up taking over the whole damn thing because he kept b-s-ing shizz as people were talking. He hardly let me get in any point at all! Idk what I got for this thing.

Paper 2: Topic doesn’t seem too bad. Was supposed to be 8 pages. I did 4. The question was kinda an opinion question. There wasn’t much research to it.

Paper 1 Revision: Not that bad…I don’t think. Didn’t do it.

Predictions: Imma get a B in this class at best. The papers aren’t that bad I guess but, I’ve been skipping so many classes, haven’t even updated my Timeline since the other month…and don’t even talk that much when I do come to class. Yea…I got a B. Which is great because I thought I would be getting a C or lower…haha, the B really helped my cummulative GPA. If I’d gotten a C in this class, idk what I woulda done. So thanks for a pretty cool prof.

Overall thoughts: THIS CLASS SUUUUUUUUCKS! Well…not really. The prof is nice and knowledgable and all…just wasn’t my cup of tea.

ANTH 114 –

Test 4:

Predictions: B? Maybe??? I gots a B-. Haha, yes! Technically it was a 79.6. But the prof. rounded it up. Thank God.

Overall thoughts: : ( I just didn’t like the class. The class was huge. The prof spoke real quitely at the front of the class so no one else could hear him. And the material was just boring. It was one of those classes where they tried to assign terms to everyday, common sense things. Did not like it.

HNRS 228 –

Last writing assignment: BS-ed!

Final exam: Went OK I guess.

Predictions: We have more grades in the class because we had labs, classgroupwork, and homework…and iclicker questions. I did relatively well on those. Maybe a high B? Low A? I gots a B! O well, it was a 4-credit class so that helped a bit.

Overall thoughts:

FREN 371 –

Paper 3: I gave this in to her about two days late…but she didn’t seem to notice. Then she told the whole class that we were to correct the papers and email them back to her at 5pm the next day. So the next day I stressed and I freaked out as I tried to comprehend her scribblings…then emailed what I could to her, then she replies back with “That was quick”..but in French. And I was like…really?? Seriously??? Didn’t you say it had to be in by 5?

Final Exam: I studied the literature SOOOO hard. OMG by the morning of the test you coulda asked me for the dates of ANY of the stuff we read for the second half of the semester and I coulda told you. I woulda been able to tell you what the first phrase of each ouevre was…anything! But what sections of the test was actually on literature…2 matching parts. !!!!!!!!!!!! I was so upset, I’d actually studied that really hard! Everything else was on history, which we didn’t go over in class and I didn’t study. DAMMIT!

Class Presentation: It was OK.

Predictions: I don’t think she’d fail me…right…? I got a C+. Better than expected.

Overall thoughts: IDK. The prof. was really nice and all but…so much information. The class was supposed to be about history AND literature but all we ever talked about in class was literature. BUT the tests were on BOTH!

HNRS 353 –

Inquiry 3: Which I’m about to fail!!


Final Paper: I sent him my idea which he says is good so far. Fingers crossed! That was only the idea though. Ha..!

Predictions: B? Yup, got a B. Granted I sent in my paper like…3 days late so. There was some weirdness but it got solved in the end so, whatever. Lolz.

Overall thoughts: Prof was nice. Didn’t like that he crammed a bunch of stuff into the last two weeks of school. Inquiry was due, and then right after that our case study was due, and then right after that a short essay was due, and then the final paper. So…that was random. But o well. I can honestly say though…I didn’t learn much from this class. Didn’t learn much from my other honors class this semester either.

GOVT 322 –

Some more workshops: Went OK.

Final Exam: Was optional. It coulda hurt or helped me and I didn’t want to take the chance. Was satisfied with my C+.

Predictions: EPIC FAIL!!!!

Overall thoughts. Hate this class.

Update more as the semester starts to end. CRY!!!

That’s all I guess. This is more of a note to myself so that I do not repeat this semester in the future. This semester was an epic fail and I did not like the feeling. This won’t happen again, hopefully.


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