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I think for the past few days I’ve been complaining so much about this upcoming trip…that I leave for tomorrow…that I feel like I have more to say, but I can’t.

Basically we don’t want to go. It’s going to be a pain in the arse. Waste of time…waste of money…waste of effort…Arghhhh I don’t know. I told myself to make the best of this and so. I will. It’s CALIFORNIA! CALIFORNIA for goodness’ sake! I will not let this stupid trip ruin California for me. California will forever remain a source of happiness for me and I refuse to let this trip get to me. And so, here’s some pictures of the last time I was in California. It was the first time I’d been and it was great! It was for a business trip. 
I’m going to just leave this at that. If this trip turns out terrible and…it will…then I’ll talk about it afterwards. Lolz.
On the other hand, I found out how to put lyrics into my Ipod! It’s pretty awesome!
Ok anyway…So these are pictures from my business trip LAST year. This year’s trip is for “family” and of course…will suck. 


I saw a whole lot of bail bonds places around San Diego (which is where I went for business last year).
Little Italy! Love it! Had a dinner there the…first night, I think. Was excellent!
There were prettier fields but Beth, my coworker, was driving way too fast. Lolz. 
Ooo Panda at San Diego Zoo! I went around and explored after our event was over. : ) 
Second hotel we stayed at. 
Cute little French patisserie…
Na Hoku and the bracelet my boss got me there…that I seem to have misplaced…
Sight seeing. We walked around a lot. I know that won’t happen this time. 
View of the outside tables at the place where we had dinner the last night we were there. It was sooooo good but I swear the bathroom was haunted. Lolz. 
On a “ride” at San Diego Zoo. Heehee!! I was scared at first but, it was cool. 

I know that this trip is nothing like last years and I refuse to let this trip ruin my view of California. It has to happen because otherwise…we woulda just wasted $1000…But expect a long rant when I get back. 

Chya ne! 

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