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We left the house at around…7ish on Friday morning and had a neighbor who drives taxis take us to Dulles Airport. He went the long way. He ended up stopping at the gas station while the meter was still running, but it didn’t seem to be that much so I didn’t say anything. Yes, he drove us as a taxi driver, not as a neighbor, but we didn’t care because that’s what we’d expected anyway, and we didn’t know him that well.

Got to the airport, went through checking in luggage, that was super easy. Then went through to security. Mother and I had to use the rest room so we left our bags with Otouto. Before I went into the restroom he asked why people were “up there” and we were down here, I told him because the line starts down there and we’d have to walk up there, obviously. So I go to the restroom, come out, and they are no where to be seen. Otouto and Mother just disappeared! I was like…what the fuck? So I looked around like an idiot, when I finally met eyes with the security guard across the hall and he pointed to the mass of people. So I yelled over…THEY LEFT? And he nods his head.

Strike 1: Otouto and Mother leave me at the bathroom and take the bags with ALL the passports and boarding passes in it so I was left with nothing.

So I get into the line but the female security guard stops me and asks for my boarding pass!

Mini Panic 1.

The guy security guard yells over to let me through, so the female guard does. So I catch up to them. We go to the security thing. I tell them to take off everything metal. And Otouto decides that it’s OK, he can still wear his bracelet…the metal one…so I yell at him to take it off. And he goes “Everything (metal)?!” And I’m like “YES EVERYTHING!”

Strike 2: Otouto refuses to follow basic directions.

I understand the need to be nonchalant, but honestly, this is an airport. More people go through here than…I don’t know where else. That and, people at the airport are the most impatient, so I don’t give a shizz how non chalant you are, take a break from it because it’s not just you who’s trying to get through the lines. The people behind us might be running late, because you refused to take off your bracelet for the sake of looking cool, the alarm might sound, then you’d have to turn back and take off the bracelet and go through the check thing again and because you spent time doing that, someone behind could have missed their flight. I wanna be as non chalant as anybody, but there’s a time and place and the airport is not the time or place.

Anyway, we get through that fine. I should have just let Otouto wear his bracelet so the alarm could go off on him but, I didn’t wanna hold up the line for the people behind us. So we get to our gate…everything’s fine…Mother gives us money to get Starbucks…and on the way to Starbucks I tell Otouto that I really did not want to yell at him while we were on this trip so he can be as cool as he wants to be but when I tell him to do something, he has to do it. And he says OK. Or something like that.

Anyway…we get on the plane….I sat window seat and the seat next to me had no one so that was cool. I absolutely love flying! So pretty being in the air! Flight was pretty good. Unlimited free snacks and drinks but I only got an orange juice and some chips, wasn’t hungry after that Starbucks.

Anyway, got to Cali. LOVE CALI WEATHER! SO awesome! Cha Minh and Thay Hoang and Anh Tuan picked us up. Cha Minh suggested we go out to eat but Mother said no, so we just went to the priory (where we were staying) and ate leftover dinner.

I thought that we would have to share a room but nope, each person had their own room. This priory was huuuuuuuuuge! And right between mine and Mother’s room, there was a T.V. room/library. Lolz.

Prayed a bit >: p ………..ate……..whatever. Mother made me change from what I wore on the plane to a tshirt because…there were a lot of brothers and priests downstairs…I don’t get it.

So that day Mother gets in a jiff about the clothes we packed. She’d given each of us $100 to go buy clothes for the trip, but she didn’t go with us. Cuong bought mainly bermuda shorts and tshirts and I bought skirts and blouses. She told us that we basically had to pack for:

1. One big important mass on Saturday
2. An outing day on Sunday

So I brought a dress (that she forced me to wear) and Otouto brought his suit and tie and dress shirt for the big mass. When we went shopping, she told us she wanted us to buy nice clothes for outings because she didn’t want us wearing our old clothes. So we did. We bought clothes that we would wear for outings. All she said to me was that as long as the shirts didn’t show cleavage. I asked if I could wear skirts and she said yes, as long as it’s past the knee. So I bought non cleavage shirts and knee length skirts.

She decides to throw a fit about the stuff we packed. My skirts look like stuff Mexicans wear (racist much)? She had expected us to buy slacks and dress shirts, I’m sorry but, who the hell wears slacks and dress shirts to go out and see the town?

So she ends up pissing Otouto off.

Strike 3: Mother throws fit and pisses Otouto off.

Before we left, in fact, the night after we went shopping, I told Mother that I was going to try on all the clothes so that she can “approve” of them because, and I said this, I wasn’t going to have her throw fits in California. But she goes, no no, as long as it covers you then it’s OK, I don’t need to see it. She tells me I’m not allowed to wear my jeans because they’re ugly, so I didn’t bring jeans except for the pair I wore onto the plane. That’s why I bought all skirts.

But of course, after she pissed Otouto off about his clothes, she makes me go into my room and try on all my clothes. Then criticizes me for them.

Ok so, what can we do about it now? We’re already in California, is she going to have us fly back to Virginia and go back in time and rebuy our stuff? She gets all pissy about how I’m not letting her criticize us and yell as us (???) and I’m like, as our Mother you are allowed to your opinion of us, obviously, but right now you are causing fights for no reason. You can’t do anything about our clothes now aside from transporting us to the nearest mall, and yet you still wanna fight about our clothes. You’re causing grief over an issue that isn’t solve-able right now, so all you’re really doing is causing problems and pissing everyone off!

She goes on to say that she wants Cha Minh to be proud when we’re out with him. And I’m like, wtf? Is Otouto dressing like a gangbanger? Are his pants baggy? Does he have pictures of guns on his shirt? No, he’s a decently dressed boy who everyone else seems to like a lot except you! Everyone else thinks his hair style is cool, everyone else thinks his dress style is nice, except his mother! Go figure. And I went on to say that Cha Minh is Otouto and mine’s godfather, not Mother’s. And as a godfather he should be close to us, understand us, how’s he going to understand Otouto if everytime Otouto is around Cha Minh, he acts different? Cha Minh visits sometimes and he’ll be able to see that while Otouto is with friends he acts comfortable and cool, and when he’s with Cha Minh he’ll dress differently, act differently, be overall uncomfortable. How’s Cha Minh gonna feel then? Although Cha Minh’s not one to talk, but he’ll notice something. How come my godson isn’t comfortable around me?

And somehow all my lecturing turned into her saying that she feels sorry for me because I don’t have nice clothes. What a wonderful thing for Mothers to say.

First off…I have clothes. They fit. They’re comfy. They’re not rags. My bosses seem to think I look nice in them. The kids at the learning center where i volunteer liked the shirt I wore yesterday. So what the hell is wrong with them. Our (Mother’s and mine) combined income a year has to be about…maybe $30grand, give or take, we can’t afford “nice clothes.” I don’t want to pay for a1hundred dollar dress. WHY should I pay for a1hundred dollar dress when I can’t afford it? And then she goes, I want you to have nice dresses to wear when you’re out with the youth group leaders. WHEN do I ever “go out” with them? I went to 1 thing to represent the youth group in, people wore JEANS to that event! Why do I have to impress the youth group leaders? Even if I wear a1hundred dollar dress when I’m with them, if it suits their tastes, they’ll like it, if it doesn’t, they’ll still hate it, so what’s the point?

The one thing that pisses me off the most is what kind of a mother is she? She goes “Well I thought you would know to buy this, you should’ve known to buy that.” I’m sorry but, when did I turn into Jean Grey? All of a sudden I’m reading people’s minds? She doesn’t do her goddam job. If she wants us to dress a certain way and it’s important, say it. She lets us do things with basic rules (which we followed to the T) and then goes “That’s not what I meant.” Is that our fault? We followed your directions and then YOU decide that’s not what you meant with those directions? She tries to blame the faults on us. We bought clothes that were decent, no cleavage, didn’t show anything, and yet it’s not what she had imagined so she says we’re bad children. She has it too good, I swear! She’s lucky Otouto doesn’t act like the kids in his school. She’s lucky he doesn’t dress like the kids in our neighborhood. She’s lucky I don’t dress like a whore! But I’ve never tried to act like/dress like a whore, Otouto’s never acted like/dressed like a gangbanger, so she keeps on making up stupid directions that apparently are common sense but it’s just in her head!

I’m trying to explain to her that she’s causing trouble at a place that is not her place. This isn’t her event, she’s not becoming a priest, she has no right to say jackshizz or start trouble. It’s Thay (Cha) Hoang’s event, it’s his ordination, how’s he gonna feel if all of a sudden at his ordination weekend, he has three of his guests bickering and being pissed the whole time? And I’m trying to explain to her that she should let Otouto and I be ourselves around OUR godfather…but somehow it went on to how SHE tries to get me nice things, SHE feels bad that I have to shop at Ross…wtf? The stuff there FITS me…and she talks about it now, but if I were ever to come home dressed like the kids who wore expensive things, she would hate it!

So I’ve never actually lectured her ever before, but I did then. And the convo ended on a quiet note but after she left I cried anyway because she upsets me and I hate her.

Anyway, I put on a different shirt and am still wear jeans. And Mother asks Cha Minh if Thay Hoang or someone can take us to a nearby store later so she can get Otouto another dress shirt and me another dress, and Cha Minh tells her it’s unneccessary and she mumbles something about the clothes we packed (see how when we think things are ok, they’re not?) and he looks over at what I’m wearing and goes, what are you talking about they’re dressed fine.

So anyway, we didn’t have to go buy more stuff. And that’s that.

That night we went to someone’s house. Ate. Next morning Thay Hoang had his ordination mass.

I didn’t want to wear the dress Mother told me to wear because it had a LOT of cleavage, but she made me wear it, maybe she didn’t notice the cleavage thing or whatever, but the whole time I had it I was too busy pulling it up and fixing it to enjoy the day. Again Mother didn’t want Cha Minh to take us out to eat. So we got banh mi instead. Went back to priory, hung around for a bit, had a mini party at the priory. Bed time.

Next day there was another mass at the local Vietnamese parish. After the mass Thay Thien An and Thay Duc took Mother Otouto and I out to visit the Vietnamese shopping complexes. We went to one and Thay Thien An and Thay Duc were going to take us to another two, but Mother insisted that we go to the house of the lady that there was a party at that night to help her cook instead. So our “outing” consisted of walking around for half an hour. What an outing!

Thay Thien An was getting sleepy though and I felt bad that he had to drive 40 mins to get to this lady’s house, and the Vietnamese stores were lame so I didn’t care much. But of course we got to the lady’s house and waited for an hour…hour and a half…two hours…before the party started.

This lady’s house was awwwwwwwwesomeeeeeeee! Huge living room was dedicated completely to her son, a musician. I liked her house a lot, there was an even mixture of religion and music, so it wasn’t completely overly done. She was nice too, apparently a French teacher but idk. Just knew she was a teacher. Lolz. Anyways, mingled, was fine. Got home at 11ish and went to bed.

Next morning woke up, printed out our shizz, Cha Minh took us to the airport, everything went smooth and got home safely.

Overall the trip was decent. The only thing that ruined the trip was Mother yelling at us, giving us mean stares, telling me that I shouldn’t sit cross legged because she could see my legs, and instead told me to sit with my legs open (I know, wtf right?) being stupid, stuff like that. The people at the priory were nice. Cha Minh didn’t take us on the outing but I do give him credit for trying to take us out to eat a few times and of course, Mother always said no. He offered to give us some money when he heard Thay Thien An and Thay Duc were going to take us out, but we didn’t take it.

Then later Thay Duc gave us (OTOUTO and I) money which Mother took from us saying she’ll use it to buy Thay Duc something to give him after his ordination but…I think she changed that later to, oh he won’t let us buy him anything…so i don’t know what happened to that $200. I know…that’s a lot too.

Oh one more thing, Thay Duc said that he would accept me as his godsister if I promise to become a nun, I said no. Then Mother told him that I said I’ll accept to be his godsister but I’m not becoming a nun (which I did say), and he said OK. So I thought, he’s just kidding.

But then before we left Mother had us go to his room and I thought she was gonna give him something and have us just be there. But instead she goes “Nhu-Y doesn’t believe that you’re really accepting her as your godsister, so were you serious?” OMG I thought I was going to jump over and strangle her! She completely caught me off guard, I was like…are you effing me??? Seriously? So the whole time I just stood there and smiled like always….because what the fuck! Way to corner somebody? And what was Thay Duc supposed to say? Even if he hadn’t been serious, he couldn’t’ve said that! Mother has the worst ways of doing things!!! I hate it, she has no sense at all!

Also Mother came in and told Otouto and I that when a priest becomes ordained, he gets a handkerchief that he gives to his mother, and so when his mother dies St. Peter’ll let her through automatically. I’m sorry but…what?

So basically, all you murderers out there, have a kid, send him off to become a priest, get the handkerchief, and then continue on your killing spree. Free ride to heaven everyone!

Ok so what was I saying? O yea…Thay Thien An and Thay Duc are uber nice, they’re sweet and cool and funny. It’s funny listening to them argue. Thay Hoang and his family were nice. Cha Minh talked more than I remembered….he apparently is funny too, who knew. His parents were nice. Our mother was a pain. But overall it was a pretty good trip. I don’t really have to phaze it out of my memory. I love San Francisco, and the houses, the ones in Oakland and SanFran, soooooooo pretty!!!

I think that’s all the complaining I’ll do for now. I don’t have pictures yet so I might end up just posting them randomly later. Maybe.

O yea…this is random but it makes me happy:

NOM Pictures, Images and Photos

commonsnat on

I want a dog like that one! I think they’re Siberians….right…? They might be Tamaskans…no…they’re Siberians, yea def. Siberians.

Chya ne!


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