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Dolores and I had a sleepover the other…week…? Something. And we made pizza! Also made a cake (from scratch!). I helped mix things. But I don’t have the recipe for the cake so I’m not gonna post it yet.

I don’t really have the “recipe” for the pizza either but, there wasn’t really a recipe so I’m just going to wing it and if there’s something wrong, she’ll fix me later.


Dolores looking fineeeeee.


– Crust (which we bought at Harris Teeter’s)
– Tomato sauce
– Cheese (I think we used Mozerella (sp?) and something else)
– Toppings (We had mushrooms, bell peppers, BEEF (for me, Mother and Otouto ONLY : )).


– Heat oven at 350degrees.
– If you have any beef, you’ll want to put some olive oil in a frying pan, add in some garlic, add in the beef, and salt to taste. Don’t oversalt because once the pizza’s cooking, the tomato sauce and cheese flavors will be plenty to season your beef.
– Now take your tomato sauce and using a spoon, spread the sauce all over the pizza crust.
– Add on the toppings.


My attempt at making food cute.


Mine and Dolores’ pizza. : )


Mother and Otouto’s pizza. Dolores’ and mine’s had mushrooms too but, it’s under all the meat and shizz. And Mother and Otouto’s had meat too but it’s under all the mushroom and shizz!

– Take a pan (that can go into the oven) and grease with Pam, butter, whatever).
– Put pizza on pan and shove into Oven.


– I can’t remember how long we waited but, it must have been about 20 minutes.




– WE forgot to grease our pan and so our pizza was stuck when we tried to take it out. Even so, it was really, really good! And we also overtopped our pizza, but that’s how we like to eat so, even though it was messy, it was one big delicious, awesome mess!



Next time: I mentioned in a previous post that Mother is allowing me to cook dinner for the summer. She changed that a bit last and this week when she decided to cook but yesterday I reminded her and she said ok. The recipe in the previous post (Shrimp) was one of the first things I cooked. I also made calamari but it was…not good so I’m not posting that. And I’ve also made Inside Out Hamburgers which were absolutely amazing. Sadly, I didn’t take any pictures. I will probably make the burgers again so hopefully I’ll remember to snap some pics for you. The point it, because I’ll be cooking mostly everyday this summer, I’ll hopefully be able to learn a lot and post food stuff more frequently. As for what’s on next time, I’m not sure, but it will be delicious!


Chow down!!!




On a completely random note:

We did each others’ nails!

: )


Chya ne!


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