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A girl’s glow when she’s in l.o.v.e. : )

Have you ever noticed that guys tend to go for girls a lot of the time when they’re already taken? The girl is already taken, I mean. You can’t always tell whether or not a guy is taken so every time a cute guy comes by you look for the dreaded sign: THE RING!!!! Proving he’s married, if he was just someone’s boyfriend, you wouldn’t know until you’ve taken the chance and then it’s heartbreak avenue.

But a girl…with girls there’s just something. You can pretty much always tell when a girl is taken or in love. How? Well because! She’s different. It’s not a bad different. She might smile a little bit more. She might laugh a bit more, her face is more cherry, her actions are light and well…she’s basically floating on air.

And you know what? THAT is what attracts guys. When a girl is happy and content with her life. I’m not saying that guys aren’t attracted to single girls (cuz oBviOusly!), but when they are, isn’t it usually the happy girls? The ones who make life seem interesting? Even if it really isn’t?

That’s why I propose that in order for you single gals to grab yourselves a good man, act like a taken girl would. Talk with a smile. Laugh with your friends. Walk as if the floor is made of clouds and as if someone is waiting for you whereever it is you’re heading to.

It’s a hard thing to do! It’s easy for taken girls because well…there actually is someone waiting for the taken girls at their destination. For single girls to act like a taken girl is hard! When single girls are unhappy, there is no guy to cheer us up so how can we smile and laugh all the time??? When single girls walk around, there is no possibility of our prince sweeping us off our feet, so how can we act as if the dirty floor is made of clouds? And obviously, for single girls there is NO one who’ll be waiting for us whereever we’re going, so how can we pretend as such?

I have a habit of laughing too much anyway. And smiling too much. Especially when I’m nervous or scared or sad, it’s my defense mechanism. And yet…no guy. : )

But the reality is guys are attracted to smiling girls. Girls who are just…different. Stand out from the crowd and you know what? Happy girls stand out from the crowd. EVERYONE is dreary ALL the gdarn time aren’t they? Everyone is stressed about everything…school…work…friends…everyone is almost always bothered by something. There is hardly ever a person who is just….h.a.p.p.y. And so of course, whenever you do find a happy girl, a truly happy one, you’ll notice her above the rest.

I’m not saying PRETEND to be happy. Definitely not. Girls who are taken don’t pretend to be happy. They go through the same troubles (mostly) as single girls, but at the end of the day they know that they have a supporter, a guy on their side, and that makes them happy. How did they snab the guy in the first place? Who knows? But it’s a definite thing that taken girls are most of the time happy and therefore attract more guys, right?

But yes, don’t pretend to be happy. Actually BE happy. As a single girl, just try and live through the stuff that’s life. Accept it as it is. And! Accept the fact that you have no guy and you know what? Be OK with that! And then a guy will notice your optimism, your spark, the fact that you can get along without men and yet are still happy. They’ll look at you as a source of happiness for THEM! And then when you do get yourself a guy, you’re already so used to the happiness, you’ll make your relationship DOUBLE HAPPY!

And honestly, who doesn’t what that??

I should try this out. I’ll let you know how it goes. : )

Although I make myself sound intelligent, in the world of men I have no experience whatsoever. The only experience I have are in two very, very, very short relationships in elementary and middle school : ). As well as apparently breaking a total of 4 hearts (NOT ON PURPOSE IT WASN’T my FAULT!). What I say should be taken with a pinch of your own common sense. If your doing what I say results in a) you getting dumped and/or b) you staying single for the rest of your life, DO NOT come after me ; )

But all that aside, I never thought it was necessary for people to give advice only if they’ve been in the situation. I mean…for certain things like…buying a house…a car…dealing with a family member who has cancer and is dying, that kinda stuff, maybe you need some experience with to give great, sound advice. But otherwise with other things (even those I just listed), one can learn a lot just by observation. Lord knows I’ve observed my fair share of relations in high school (more than I cared for) and so why can’t I make a judgement based on what I saw/heard?

If you disagree, well, hoohaa for you. But honestly, do let me know, observations form opinions that aren’t really legit unless they’ve parted ten thousand ways with the original opinion. You know what I mean. ; )



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