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The most beast, most wonderful, most awesomest game of Mario Party took place in my room last night.

Red came over with his Wii and we played games alllll day long. Well actually….

I picked Red up in the morning and we went to the cemetary to visit my POPS. Sat there for a bit…and then headed home, stopping at Home Depot along the way so I could by a pot and some seeds and stuff. Got home, played games, ate lunch, played games, played games, ate, played games. Otouto and Red had an uber awesome pillow fight, it was funny. Sadly it happened on my BED…which I had to clean up later but, wasn’t hard. Pictures later, pretty awesome.

And then…it started getting dark and we went for a last Mario Party game. Now the first one, Red and Otouto spent sabotaging me. Badly. This time I sorta just laid back and waited. Was quiet, didn’t say much. Otouto and Red argued with each other to convince me to use an item on the other, so much so that at one point I used the item and STILL they were arguing with each other, they hadn’t even noticed. But yes, Red was in the lead, I was upset because I wasn’t buying any hotels, people kept taking my hotels, I went from 3 stars to 6 stars to 3 stars to 6 and then to 3 again. But then you know what? Last 5 turns….I took back one of my hotels and went back to 6 stars. Then last 2 turns…just when Red thought he was in the clear for the gold…I reach from behind and take another hotel and WAHBAMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!! I have the most stars! I was also awarded an extra star for most Red Spaces…but that didn’t matter because I’d already WON!

God…it was…well…it was


Pictures later. : )


Gahhh I forgot to add borders to these. Eh, O well…

Red helping me plant my plant.

Preparing to game.

Random shot of my July4thWeekend nails because I was getting tired of it already.

: )

ME! Playing Wii Sports!

PILLOW FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Winning hit…!
But oh no……………….

: )


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