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A few weeks ago Red, Otouto, and I spent a day in D.C. We took the metro, ate river-side, and then went to see UP.


Tony and Joe’s Seafood:

Mussels YUMMY! These were DEEEEElish. Had to order a second order because Red and Otouto ate most of the first batch.

Spicy Shrimp. Doesn’t look like a lot but, it was really good.

Fried Calamari. The calamari itself was pretty good, but the best part was the sauce. It was light, a little sour and spicy and sweet all at the same time. So good!

Red’s entree – Bouillabaisse – I tried a bit, I didn’t think it was anything special but that might be just me.

Otouto’s Steak and Cheese – Didn’t try any but he said it was good.

My Crab Cake Sandwich. I snapped the wrong side of the sandwich. Well…the pickle was good…and the crab cake was delicious. : )

I love this restaurant. You have a choice of eating outside. Atmosphere is laid back. We ordered a total of 1 Fried Calamari, 1 Spicy Shrimp, 2 Mussels, 1 Steak and Cheese, 1 Bouillabaisse, 1 Crab Cake, 3 drinks and about 3 refills, and all of that was about $120. Around that much. I know, it was pretty awesome. The food is really good too. No skimping on the quality. Love this place!

Tony and Joe’s (Washington, D.C. – Georgetown)

After the restaurant we went to see UP. I thought it was a relatively good movie but I didn’t like it much. Red and I had some brief discussions about it and turns out that there was nothing inherently wrong with the movie, I do fine with sad, realistic movies/books/such, it was just that I felt that UP sorta jiffed me. I mean, it made itself out to be this happy, old man flying in a house held up by balloons, funny fat kid, ugly stupid bird, funny dog yay yay yay movie and then WAHBAM! Anything but happy stuff.

I can go as far as saying it ruined my mood. I knew that the first 20 minutes or so were supposed to be sad so I prepared myself for it and accepted it, and then expected the movie to get happier and happier and…well…it did for a little bit but then again, a sad montage…and then happy happy…and then again something sad. That was too much. Of course I was also tired that weekend in general so, whatev.

OOO We went into one of the shopping mall/centers at Georgetown. Was so cool. There’s an H&M there! I must go back at some point. What I really went in there for though was Lilthingymajigs…and while there Red got me this –

Teehee – He also got me a Pooh plate but I haven’t taken a pic of that yet.

In the shopping center.

Georgetown streets.

It’s water! So cool!!!

Bridge…Key Bridge? Maybe. : )

It was an uber fun day. At one point Red and Otouto tried to lift me and throw me over the bridge’s railing, the people walking around didn’t even stop to pretend to help. LAAME!

And then later while we were in the shopping center Red and I tried to ditch Otouto but he found us. I haven’t had that much fun in forever, I haven’t run and laughed like I did that day in…never. I felt like a kid! 😛 Lolz.

Otouto (tryin ta look cool!)

Red. : )

Chya ne!


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