nhớ ai hết đứng lại ngồi, ngày đêm tơ tưởng một người tình nhân   Leave a comment

nhớ ai con mắt lim dim
chân đi thất thểu như chim tha mồi
nhớ ai hết đứng lại ngồi
ngày đêm tơ tưởng một người tình nhân

I have a very UNHEALTHY obsession with journals and planners. Well…with books in general…but since journals and planners are so much easier to pick out and buy, the most unhealthy part is with those.

Journals and stuff that I bought at Barnes and Noble. I adore that store. So much so that I’m putting aside $200 at the end of this summer with which I can use to go raid the store (for books).

I can honestly say that I will use these journals/planners that I just bought. The cute dolls one I’m using currently, it fits nicely in my messenger bag. The green one with the house on a bridge thing will be for when school starts, because I’ll need a planner then anway, and the black covered one is to help me keep my finances in line. : ) Can you tell I’m trying to reason my reason to myself?

I ordered a sample kit off Everyday Minerals. So far it’s working quite nice. I didn’t have time to try on each foundation color, so I ended up just mixing all three together and surprisingly it’s working well. If I put on too much then at first I’ll look kinda pale, but after a few minutes (as I’m finishing my make-up), it starts to blend in really well with my skin tone.

The big container was bought extra so I could mix the foundations. I haven’t tried the blush yet. I tried a little of the eye shadow (bought extra) but it didn’t show very well, I didn’t use primer. And I have tried the color corrector (in Pick Me Up) and it was really good. No good for undereye bags but good for little pimple scars here and there, of which I have many.

My cousin came over last week. I miss that kid.

We took him swimming but because he’s so skinny he kept shivering, so the lifeguard told us to let him play in the kiddie pooh where the water is warmer, but when we got there he didn’t wanna go in because there were bugs/leaves in the water. It wasn’t that bad but, whatever. Lolz. So we just left. But it was still a relatively good day. I kinda wish sometimes that he lived with us. Then he might not be so skinny and we could teach him better and he wouldn’t get bullied. It got to the point where he didn’t wanna go home and leave our house. But Mother was being an idiot and…agh I’m just gonna skip this part because I don’t feel like going over it. Would just get me worked up more.

LEGOS! I love the sound of Legos on Legos. : ) I built that magic carpet/spaceship. : )

And now just some random stuff:

A Pooh Bear and a pen that Red got me! He brought it to my workplace because his gf was getting an interview there that day. : ) The pot is for something else. Lolz.
My coworkers like to sabotage my “Quote of the Day” board. It’s supposed to say: ” A person reveals his character by nothing so clearly as the joke he resents.” But they changed it to say: ” A person reveals his character by nothing so clearly as the joke he makes about his/her spouse!” : ) They’re funny.
A wedding card I made. I really want that Cricut Expressions machine!!! I should be able to get it by the end of this summer and so have plenty of time for the Xmas batch. If I wanna make Red a batch of Xmas cards I’d have to send them to him in like….September or October…because it’ll take a few weeks to get to him and then a few weeks to get to whoever he’s sending them too.

In other news:

– Having trouble with Otouto’s new glasses. Gonna solve it tomorrow hopefully.
– Mother said that I can do study abroad, so have to save money/figure that out.
– Erm…bought A LOT of stuff off Cherry Culture dot com, apparently they just finished putting everything together and shipping it out like…a hour and a half ago…even though I ordered it a week ago. Granted it was a really, really big order. But hope it gets here before Friday so I can give Tina and Hanna their stuff, as well as try my stuff on.
– Camp is this weekend. Kinda looking forward to it, kinda not. Herm. It might suck…but I’m keeping an open mind.
– Someone from church asked me to put together a dance for this feast thing on July 19th. Hope that goes well.

Is that it…? O yea….

– Am eligible to upgrade my phone in August. I want an LG Xenon…or a Samsung Eternity. Can’t decide which. Whichever one, I’ll still have to pay extra so gotta save up money for that too. Gahhh!!! Also Mother wants to get the upgrades in-store, cuz she doesn’t trust online transactions, so hopefully there are still deals available in-store on the Xenon or Eternity, but IDK I haven’t checked. Gracious! I really want a new phone! My current phone has no space for personality, which is the worst. Everything I own has to have some personality. My purses have trinkets hanging off of them. My DS has ribbons and Kirby. My Violin case has ribbons and will soon have stickers if I get to buying them. I’m making up for my current phone’s lack of personality by attaching a huge Bulbasaur treatkeeper to it but still. Lolz. Bulbasaur. I heart him. : ) I need a Pooh too though.
– Thinking of canceling cable because we would rather pay for faster internet. Mother said that we can get Comcast, which means faster internet which means Otouto and I can game at the same time. And I can always watch shows online, which I do now anyway. The only thing the T.V. really provides is the background noise, which I can’t do anything without. But apparently Red told me that even if I cancel cable I should still be able to get local channels so, hopefully that works out too.

Anyway, I dare say this summer is going relatively decently. Let’s hope this keeps ::knock on wood!!::

Chya ne!


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