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Otouto and I cooked dinner on July 3rd. It went well overall but made me even more adamant that whenever we do buy a house, the kitchen has to be huge! I mean, I’ve always loved big open kitchens, but now I’m sure I must have one. Otherwise no go!

Anyway…look at what we cooked! They’ve all been done by me before so the recipes are somewhere around (under the Food label).

Everything all together.


Shrimp with Garlic and Grape Tomatoes. Side of Spinach. : ) Sauce was deelish!

Clams! Steamed in Chicken Broth (Couldn’t find the White Wine : ()


My food! I know, my steak is still way red but I love it that way. So much jucier! And I didn’t get any cow disease (I don’t think) so I should be fine. ; )

I love food!!!


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