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For some reason my last two posts (the previous post and this current one that you are reading) have a LOT of curse words. Well…a few. But I didn’t try to ****** them out so, be forewarned.


Alright…so I guess I lied. I’m not getting internet at home until SUNDAY!!! SUNDAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! Dammit. Lolz.

We coulda gotten our internet today, everything was going fine, until yesterday the office of my apartment complex sends out a notice saying that they are re-painting the parking lot today and there can’t be any cars on the lot. They won’t be done until 6PM! Which means I can’t go home until 6PM because there is just NO WHERE else to park! And of course, I have a feeling they won’t like it very much if all of a sudden a Comcast truck drives into the parking lot as they’re painting. Although…it was kinda raining this morning so Mother thought that they wouldn’t paint, but I called them to check and they will paint. Mannnnnn, watch, Imma go home at 6PM, they won’t have painted the parking lot because it was too wet, and they moved the painting date to Sunday or something so that I’ll never get internet!

Argh, I hate this place. We need a house!!!

So anyway, this training thing in Georgia is being a bitch. It’s so funny how once I actually get to the trainings, it’s usually fine, but all the work I have to do before even going is a pain, because of the stupid people putting the event/trip together. We’re supposed to meet at church…but now A.Pg is telling us that we’re going to meet “somewhere near” IAD (Dulles Airport I think). Because, I don’t know why he’d think that’d be easier for anyone. So he expects me to drive my car to C.H.’s house…and leave it there all weekend. First off, I don’t know C.H.’s parents…and I’m pretty positive that A.Pg didn’t ask them if I could park my car at their house all weekend. So, if I do park at their house, I will have to either 1) call them, or 2) go in and talk to them once I’m actually there. But whichever it is, I’ll have to talk to them to ask them if I can park there. WHY? WHY the hell damn can’t I just drive to church? It’s so much easier for all the girls if A.Pg had us meet at church. It’s one, central location, everyone knows where it is, no one has to Mapquest it or go out of their way to get there. You would think that if they wanted us to go that badly, they’ll try their hardest to make it easier for all of us, but no! They make it as hard as possible for us to go! I’m so annoyed with them, all the freakin time! I plan on probably just…once I can actually meet up with them, get in the car and find myself a nice window seat in the back, open up my laptop or my dvd player (whichever I bring), watch my movie, read my book, sleep, all the way there. Then once I get there I’m probably only going to talk to the girls (Thuy and Tina and stuff) and probably just ignore A.Pg and C.H., do my best so I won’t have to go to another training like it, then on the way home, do what I did on the way there. Makes my life, and everyone’s lives, easier the least amount of contact I have with them.

ARGH! Ok anyway………..Lolz……..You know what would make me extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmely happy right now….?

If my stuff from Strapya World would come!!! But they haven’t yet and that kinda sucks. Lolz.


So I’ve decided I should probably go study abroad. I mean, I do want to, it’s just, I’m kinda anxious of all the paperwork. Once I get back to school, I will have 1 month to figure everything out, financial aid, which program, my classes. I’ll have 1 month to do all that. So…starting next week, once I get my internet back and maybe buy a new printer (Staples doesn’t fix printers! Go figure!) I’ll get started on researching all the programs. And study abroad scholarships and shizz. So that once I get back to school, I’ll have a binder/folder full of information and the advisors won’t be able to screw me over!

Here’s where I’m thinking…

1) Asia: China or Japan

I really wanna go because those places are so cool. And…I’m totally sure that I will not be disconnected from the world when I’m there. There has got to be cyber cafes everywhere in the major cities of China and Japan, and although they might cost money, the currency exchange thingy is in my favor, I think. Problem…I don’t speak Chinese or Japanese. Now…I’m taking Chinese this semester, but that’s not enough to get me anywhere. There is an internship abroad program for China and they don’t require you to be fluent in Chinese, but if I want to get around then I’ll have to know at least something. There aren’t too many programs in Japan as is, and finding one with no Japanese language requirement seems almost impossible. Also, going to these places won’t help my degree much. I guess I could somehow get my Asia Minor out of the way…maybe both the Minor and the Concentration, but I don’t see that happening. And that isn’t the hard minor anyway.

2) France

I speak French…enough to scream for help if I get raped. If I go to France, maybe I can get my French Minor out of the way. My French classes here are hard, so maybe taking classes in France lets me take care of my French Minor, at which point I can use whatever credit hours and hundreds of homework hours I was going to devote to French towards something else…like Chinese. Lolz. Or something, some easy class that’ll help my GPA. Idk about internet access in France (I’m only bringing this up because Reed is in Australia, and we all thought the internet thing would be fine and we’d be able to keep in touch that way, turns out internet is terrible over there. He only gets a few thingymajigers per day and the rest he has to pay for. Definitely not enough to keep sufficiently in touch). And you know me, I feel alone as it is being surrounded by people, I’ll probably break down if I’m stuck in some country with no contact at all to Reed and Dolores and Otouto and stuff. Oy vayyyyyyyyyy. There are enough programs in France…and I guess maybe I can weasel my way into letting them finish my Minor over there…maybe…

3) Switzerland!

They speak English! So if I go there, maybe I’ll be able to practice my French but NOT die because if worst comes to double worst, I’ll at least be able to speak the other language. Lolz. And, I’d probably get in some international affairs classes towards my Major, although I doubt it because the classes I need for my Major are so particular. Well, maybe I’ll be able to knock out the French classes in Switzerland too? I’m kinda unsure about the internet use. For some reason now I’m thinking that Europe is really behind the times on internet connecting. I know, Australia is not in Europe. But I mean, Australia is a developed country, and their internet is so bad, Europe is also a developed country so their internet might be terrible too. I know…Japan is also a developed country…but they’re OBVIOUSLY more technologically advanced than Australia and Europe!

Ok…so at least I have the basics of where I want to go. Now I just have to search for programs, choose a few that I like, meet with the study abroad advisor to make sure I can even go to these programs, meet financial aid to see if they’ll pay for it and other ways I can fund the trip, meet with the academic advisor to make sure I’m on track and to make my classes fit….dammit….

Well, Sara is also trying to get her studying abroad stuff together. Although she has about a year to do it and I have a month. O well…

Stapya World stuff WHERE AAAAAAAAAAAARE YOU???????

I’m not so worried about my GPA anymore. I mean…I’m kinda just convincing myself that it’ll be OK if I stay around here for grad school. I’ll move out to maybe a studio apartment in D.C….or Fairfax…or Arlington for goodness’ sake. I can go back and forth between home and my apartment but I’ll at least be by myself and not bothered. I kinda feel bad for Mother (I know!! She’s been nice the past few days and it’s getting to me!) I can put aside my pride for a little bit and go to Georgetown (if I can even get it!) Or go to George Washington. OR! I can even go to American U. They have their own International Affairs School, and I got in for undergrad, so…maybe. Heck shit, I might even put a bullet in my mouth, bite down on it, and go to George Mason for Grad School (This is my last back up choice). So I’m alright with the GPA thing not transferring. I just want to make sure I graduate on time and with at least a 3.5. Fingers freakin crossed!!!

STRAPYA WORLD!!!! ARGHHHH The stuff needs to coooooooomeeeee!!!


Chya ne!

P.S. So I read over the paragraph about the Georgia thing, and Keets is right, I sound kinda high-maintenance. And I’m sure that’s what all the HT think also. But then when you think about high-maintenance, you think, “princess.” And I definitely know better than to ask to be treated like a princess. So is trying to make things easier really being high-maintenance? There’s a difference between “high-maintenance” and “too high-maintenance,” I’m sure. I hope I’m just the first one. Either way, I don’t care. I might sound like a snobby bitch about the issue, but I mean honestly, there are so much easier ways to do things that will make it easy for everyone involved. And yet somehow they always have to complicate the issue and make it a big mess so that I, who want just the simple things! turn out to be too high-maintenance. Fuck that!

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