nguoi yeu dau oi…ve day voi toi

nep ben bo vai ben toi hay ngoi, va noi nhung cau buon vui…
va vuot mai toc cho toi…du chi la nhung gian doi voi toi…
noi len cau an tinh…tinh da chet noi xa voi
– han tinh trong mua

I wanted to share some food pictures before writing a long butt post about…everything else. Lolz.

The other week A. Phat invited the NS and Van Lang to go eat. If you read my previous posts you’ll know all the drama that surrounded that day, but it’s all over now so here’s just some pictures. Yummy food pictures!!!!

They were mainly seafood dishes. This was…shrimp. I didn’t like it all that much.

Ca Kho. I had to take a close up because by the time I realized it was on the table, the girls had already gotten to it. Lolz. It was really good too!

Octopus? I think. Was alright.

Canh Chua!!! YUM YUM!!!

Fried Fish. DID NOT LIKE! It was so dryyy.

Crab. This was pretty good. : )

Clams! Was my favorite dish. Lolz.

Seafood Salad. Was alright.

The grown ups table.

Kids’ table! Yay!

Overall it was a very enjoyable lunch. The restaurant we ate at is called Little Saigon:

Little Saigon Restaurant
6218 Wilson Blvd
Falls Church, VA 22044-3210

Just a quicky yummy food thing. I’ll come back later for a 1 year post and a how my classes went post. : )



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