ngoi noi day long chot nho den

nguoi em gai ma ngen ngao trong tim
nhin khoi thuoc quyen hon don coi
trong bong toi minh la sao dem
– nuoi tiec


Long post ahead!

Ok so, let’s start off with school.

The first week went well enough. My first class is Art History, which I have on Mondays, Weds, and Thursdays. The class’s focus is on Buddhist art, which is fine with me. The teacher seems like a nice guy and stuff so, I think this class should be alright. After Art History is Chinese. : ( I think I’m doing decently, it just feels kind of overwhelming but, I really, really wanna learn Chinese so, I think I’ll stick with it. Lolz. We have a quiz tomorrow, hopefully that goes well! Then on Mondays I also have a late class. Cultural Studies, focus is Globalization, I think. Cool thing is I’ve already had this professor for an Honors class last fall, and Lolz, the readings due next week are ones I’ve already read. Of course I don’t remember everything on all the readings, but scanning through them reminds me of stuff so, even though the readings are hard and advanced, it won’t be too bad. I only have that Cultural Studies class on Mondays though so, yaaa.

Then on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have Government first. Focus on Asian government. The professor is a Vietnamese dude! He’s so cute! Lolz. He’s old and small, today I saw him talking to one of the students and the student hadta bend down to talk to him, and he hadta look up at the student, it was too cute. Lolz. But yea, he looks like a grandpa, but one of those really smart, knowledgeable grandpas. I was worried that he would be one of those professors that kids would disrespect because of his accent and because my previous experience with Asian teachers at Mason is that they don’t know too much, but no way. This dude is so freakin smart. He does have an accent, but his grammar is perfect and the students actually listen in class, from what I’ve noticed. So this class is hard and he has high expectations but, I think I should be able to learn something. This Thursday though we have to turn in our topic for our major research paper and, Idk what to write about. Lolz. 

After Government I have History, focus also on Asia. Lolz. The professor is this pretty young dude, nerdy looking. Ha. There are alotta Asians in the class, Lolz. This one dude from Hong Kong, cute. Haha, today he kept turning back and makin double small talk with me, I was like “Uh…Yup…Haha…Nope…” I’m such a great talker aren’t I??? But anyway, the class itself is interesting enough. It’s History which…I’m not too fond of so, whatever. I’ll take it as it comes. Lolz. 

On a side note, as I was walking to class one day last week, this one guy said “HI Nhu-Y!” to me and I did a double take and then said Hi back and the nice thing was that he was cute and I think I had a mini crush on him when he was in my class last fall and even after a year he still remembered my name but…I forgot his. I looked it up by now but, then I was like…Oops. Lolz. 

I also tracked down the Study Abroad Program Officer for the Direct Exchange Program in Malta, and she gave me the basics of what I had to do. My job right now is to find courses that the university in Malta has that can be counted for a class over here, then get those classes approved by the department. That’s harder than it seems because I need the descriptions of the classes, but the only relevant class I could find with a description was an Econ class, it fitted perfectly, but it’s offered in the wrong semester. : ( The French classes, I found the course names at least but, no descriptions, so I emailed the French lady over there and asked her where I could find descriptions but I have a feeling she won’t email me back. So Imma just call the French Department here and ask them what I should do, what they’ll accept and stuff. This program is practically perfect. If I can get in all my French classes and a class towards my major, I’ll have knocked out a whole semester. And it’s direct exchange so I just pay Mason’s tuition. The extra money will just be housing and the administrative stuff. Only big problem is that there are only two spots but there are five people applying, including me, and three of them already started way before me. So, aishhhh. We’ll see I guess. 

What else what else. Today I got a Cricut! The Cartridges that came with it are alright, but I’m going to start getting some good paper and making some cards so I can send them to Reed. Lolz. I haven’t sent him his care package yet (cuz I haven’t started! Shhhhh!) but I will soon! I swear, I’ll be able to send it to him waaaayyyy before Christmas. : ) Hopefully. 

Ok so I’m kind of behind on my school work because, well, this weekend I was hardly home. And when I was home I hadta help my mother with stuff so, I didn’t get anything done. On Saturday I drove Mother to Maryland for the pilgrimage thing. Pissed me off so much, she sat in the front with me and kept pestering me about my speed, so we ended up getting there half an hour late. If she’d let me drive like I wanted, we woulda gotten there on time. Man did it get on my nerves every time a car cut me off cuz I was going slow. I was pissed the whole time I was driving because she just kept nagging me about getting pulled over. Knock on wood, but I have yet to get pulled over or into a road accident. But you know who has…? SHE has! Phooey!

Anyway, I played during the mass up there. It was fine. Drove home…went to mass at the church and played there too. Then after that went to the meeting that A. Phat called together…that was pretty uneventful.

Sunday, helped Mother make food and shizz. Some people came over to pray. Er…in the afternoon I took Mother and Otouto to Di Lan’s house! Kevin, Christine, Otouto, and I played games while Di Lan took Mother dancing. Mother actually let Di Lan put her in a dress and put make-up on her and take her dancing. Of course (I found this out later) after they got to the dancing place, Mother goes into the bathroom (where there’s sofas and stuff I guess) and slept the whole entire freakin time. Smudged all her make-up and everything. I thought that was kinda stupid. Either, don’t go. Or, if you’re going to go, even if you’re only going for the sake of the person taking you, just see it the whole way through. Don’t let them go through all that effort and be a pain about it! I mean, I know that going dancing isn’t her thing and that it was already a big deal that she let Di Lan dress her up at all, so that was kinda cool but, come on, once you’ve gone through all that, at least continue putting forth effort or something. But whatever, I didn’t care. I played games and had pizza so, whatever. Lolz. Anyway, we actually got to sleep over at Di Lan’s. It was fun. Mother used to promise it all the time but it never happened so we were excited when it finally did. I heart Kevin and Christine, they’re good kids. Then Monday morning woke up and had breakfast there. Then went home and helped Mother make food some more. Went and picked up Di Lien, picked up food, went back home, had dinner party…Thao came over…talked to Thao…Thao went home…was really late so was tired and ended up going to bed.

No homework done whatsoever. I was going to use today to catch up but ended up running errands and buying a Cricut so wanted to test that out. It’s pretty awesome! Lolz. I didn’t get to play with it a lot though. I’ll have to catch up on what work I can tomorrow.

I can’t think of anything else. I know I should be sleeping but, I’ve been really wanting to post so I wanted to get it over with so that I didn’t keep thinking about it. Now, here’s some pictures! Of things that are completely unrelated to the topics just discussed. This isn’t really my 1-year anniversary post. Imma save that for when I have time to go deep and into it. Lolz.

This was from awhile while back. : ) 

I adore my bears, I really, really do. 

Daddie’s 2 year death anniversary. : (

Kind of back to school shopping. This was nothing compared to last year’s but, there’s enough cute things to tie me over for a bit.

The stuff from Stapya-World!
My mirror before! So I tried using the glues that I bought from Stapya-World and they worked horribly. One just…looked ugly. The other took days to dry and yet I could still break stuff off with just a little pressure. I ended up scraping everything off and using normal superglue instead. Photobucket

Final result with the superglue. You can see that the superglue kind of ate away at the metal but, it’s alright. It’s really simple, much more simple than the first one. Lolz. I think in a bit I’ll probably buy a case for my phone so that I can decorate that too. Maybe.

Alright I’m pretty sure that’s enough for now. I had a really, really nice dream the other night that I wanna post about but, I am way too sleepy. So Laters!



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