người ấy thường hay vuốt tóc tôi…   1 comment

thở dài khi thấy tôi hay cười…
bảo rằng hoa sáng như tim vỡ…
anh sợ tình ta cũng thế thôi
– chuyen hoa tigon

I had such a good dream last night. : )


Ok, so the other night I had an amazing dream. I don’t remember much of it anymore but I still wanna relay it. Lolz. So, basically I was at university. I don’t think it was at the one I’m going to now. But anyway, I was at university and in class, an extremely big class, and there were these boys in it. One in particular. I don’t remember who’s form he took, after I woke up I might’ve imagined him taking the form of this guy who really is in one of my classes, but that was while I was awake so I didn’t trust myself. Anyway, things happened, and basically this guy is badass. Gangbanger or something, IDK. But, he liked me. (HA!) Anyway, I think one day…I was about to leave university to go home when he asked for a ride, and I was like…Ok. So I gave him a ride to this place that was kinda sketchy, like…a ho-house or something. And that’s when I found out that he was badass. So I guess the point was that from then we were both kinda sad because I’m a goody twoshoes and he’s a gangbanger and it wasn’t gonna happen. But then, he was sitting outside of this sketchy place, I was sitting in my car a bit away from him, and it started to rain. And he sat there and I sat in my car. And then at one point, I got out, walked over to him, put my head down on his chest and closed my eyes and he put his arms around me and all was right with the world. O, it stopped raining. : ) Then the dream kinda continued for a bit, I and a friend walked in on him being caressed by some ho-girl. I looked in and saw real quick and just turned and walked out. And I guess he mighta started to go after me. Or he might not have. If he did, I don’t think he ever got to me because I woke up, but I remember not being hurt by the girl touching him. That’s  a hint on my take on relationships.

OMG I just thought of something! A few posts ago I talked about love and heartbreak and all that sunshine happy stuff, and I just realized that my dream reflected the fact that I wanna be in love, or heartbroken or whatever, but I know it wouldn’t change/affect who I am or my take on love/relationships! Ok this post was supposed to be really cute and nice and romantic but now I’ve lost it. I started the post like…10 days ago….Haha, and only got back to it now. Ew. Of course other things happened in the dream, subtle things, but I didn’t feel like waking up to write it all down so, whatever.

Then a few days after that I had a dream that I was dating this dude that I knew and used to be really good friends with, and in the dreams his parents loved me and he and I hadn’t actually met, I guess we started dating online (the guy in the dream is a guy I know but moved away after freshman year of high school) because we still lived far away and so we were gonna meet up at this game/themepark thing and all his friends were coming and…..and it was waaaaaaaaaaay awkward. Haha!

A…dreams…..I wish I could relay my first dream exactly as it happened because I swear, when I sat there with my head resting on that boy’s chest, it was the most peaceful I’d been in ever. I guess I’ve been happy and excited and joyful and content but I’ve never really been in bliss or at peace. But I was in the dream.

S’all. Chya ne!


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  1. aww shucks ;] what a cute… yet uhh depressing dream. LOL.

    i cant believe you drove him to a whore house though. thats SO funny LOL.

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