ngo dau tam tu nang da chot om mot noi buon

chieu mua roi roi nang hay dung am tham nho ai
hoi sao ngay vui da mat
hoi sao le rung khoe mat
chau pha thuong dau tuoi buon cuoi mat quay di…
– noi buon chau pha

I’ve gone through life sure that I won’t ever know what happiness is. Sure, I’ve been content and life has dealt me some nice cards but I never thought of that as happy. Really, blissfully happy. (That doesn’t mean stop dealing the good cards, God).

And then, at times I realize that I’ll never be happy. Really, happy, on-Cloud-9, grab-the-nearest-hot-guy-and-kiss-him happy. At those times, I realize that my bouts with contentment and my brief satisfactions will be the closest I’ll ever get to happiness and bliss. So I then have to promise myself that each and every time I feel content and satisfied, just content and satisfied, I’ll live that moment to the fullest. I’ll treat my contentments as if they’re moments of extreme ecstasy, my satisfactions as if they’re moments of pure, unaldulterated, untamed bliss. And after those moments I’ll remind myself, that’s it. There’s nothing more. Nothing is coming. So that when nothing comes, I won’t be so dissappointed. This is life, it’s it. There’s nothing else.


Posted September 20, 2009 by .unpaused. in Life, Musings

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