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That my History professor is really funny.

Today in class he was talking about how Bible-thumping Germans caused the Boxer Uprising in China, and then he asked us what the difference was between God in the Old Testament and God in the New Testament was. After someone tried to answer, my professor decided to tell us that God in the Old Testament…

Was all about fire and brimstone. And then he had a kid and toned it down a bit.

I thought that was hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilarious. : )

I’m sorry, I’ve been kinda meaning to post something, what I really wanted to post were pictures but I have none so, Lolz, I thought this might tide over for a bit.

– Chya!

O yea…I also really like my Chinese class. The other day we had presentations and they were funny. When my team went up to present I was really hyper and happy, and the people sitting were just like…”OK.” I thought that was funny because it was ironic that the three hyper people in the class were all on the same team. Even though the rest of the people were just like “Ok…”, I didn’t care, I was still happy for some reason. The presentation went well enough. I also found out that my professor picks on me a lot when I’m smiling really wide or am trying to avoid her eyes, usually I’m doing both. : )

O yea yea, in Cultural Studies last night, it was really awkward because we were doing group work and the one dude in my group kept staring me down. Not just him, but this other dude, during class I sat next to him but during group work he sat somewhere else, and since the somewhere else was in the front of the class, I found that I hadta look in his general area a lot and he was also staring at me! But I don’t think this is the good staring. I figured there was probably something on my face, except that my computer screen didn’t think so. But, Idk, they were probably just looking at someone behind me, or the clock, or the wall, because boys shouldn’t stare so hard! It’s awkward! They were cute though.

O yea yea yea, today I was walking back from the Financial Aid office and I saw a bug on this girl’s…head scarf thing and so I said “Excuse me you have a thing on your head” and she was like “O!” and she stooped down a bit and I used the business card I was holding to shoo it off her and she and the dude she was walking with thanked me and I was like “I’m cool.”

I think that’s it. Well, this isn’t very short, is it?

– Chya for real now! Maybe.


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