this ain't a song for the broken hearted   1 comment

no silent prayer for the faith-departed
i ain’t gonna be just a face in the crown
you’re gonna hear my voice
when i shout it out loud
– it’s my life (bon jovi)

Glee is an awesome source of music. Haha. So the other day I went shopping. : ) Look what I got!


I freakin LOVE the purse. LOVE IT! From the outside it looks small but it’s so roomy. And I love its shapelessness. : )


Yea I got this with the intention to down it but…I think I’m gonna pass it on to my Au Nhi. I ate like three and was like…wow this is sugary…


Only I…ONLY I! Would get happy about buying pens. Goshdarnit I love these pens.


Make-upppp. Impulse buy, Lolz. Hopefully I figure out some nice ways to use this…I’ll ask Tina.


My shopping partner! It’s not sad that I shop with my brother! He has good taste mostly.

Today in government we got back our midterms. The professor went through the list of stuff and had people read out their answers as examples of what a good answer was. At one point we went over the definition for “Japan, Inc.” and I wasn’t paying so much attention and I just turned to look at the professor and he looks over at me and goes “Tu?” And I kinda wake up a bit. And he goes “Would you like to read your answer?” And I was like…”O…sure…” And I read it and it was funny. I think he only asked me to read it because…it was either because no one answered it or no one answered it right and because I happened to be looking at him. Because I only got a 4/5 score for that definition anyway. But then! We got to one of the essay questions and he looks down at his sheet to see who he wants to read out their answer and he goes “Tu!” And this time I’m like…”Kool!” And I read out my answer. And then he said that I covered all the points except one and one of the points I did cover wasn’t detailed enough but otherwise I did well. Then he asked a different kid to read his answer because that kid covered the point I didn’t cover in enough detail. But thing is, Ok the question was explain the 1993 political earthquake of Japan. The answer was 1. the people were unhappy because of the recent taxes and Recruit scandal which lead to 2. the LDP losing its majority and being 3. replaced by an 8party coalition that was 4. too weak and so failed which lead to 5. the LDP regaining power but greatly weakened. That was my answer. It explained everything. The other guy’s answer just listed out the three scandals and explained them really thoroughly, he didn’t say anything else. And this one guy sitting at my table turned to me after the other kid started reading his answer and the guy mouthed “What’s the point of that?” And I just smiled and shrugged. Because I didn’t see what his point was, to me it didn’t fully answer the question. So this time I honestly liked my answer better. Lolz. But the point of this was my answer was good enough for the teacher to ask me to read out, that hasn’t happened since…elementary school or something. Haha!

Hermmm what else…My classes have been alright. Nothing too interesting happening. My Chinese teacher says I’m doing well. But we have a test tomorrow and I haven’t even tried to study so I’ll have to do that tomorrow. I have so many midterms due in the next few weeks so I might only have time for posting 365unpaused posts for the next few…days. Lolz. This Saturday I have to meet my Art History class at a museum in D.C. for a field trip. Lolz. Field Trip….

TN! Because of the Field Trip I might be late to TN. I was thinking of not going at all but then I felt bad after I talked to C. KP because…well because she’s made it official that I’m her assistant level leader. Ha…Yay…? I like it but at the same time it’s more work. I mean, I do a lot of the work usually anyway so I guess now it’s just I’ll be doing the work but I’ll have some authority, maybe. Lolz. Ooo…Th. and T.A. asked to be transferred down to Au Nhi, which is my level. Th. I’m fine with usually but, I think she kind of overreacts every now and then. Sometimes she’s always asking me if I’m OK, which is fine, but it gets annoying when I am OK but she keeps talking to me like I’m throwing a bitch tantrum when I’m not. Cuz then it’s like, why are you treating me like a spoiled 5 year old when I’m not being like that? And then T.A…OMG T.A….I just….I won’t be able to work with her. I mean I’ve been working solo usually with the kids and during my lessons and all so I don’t see why C. KP would make me start working with people but…OMG just T.A. being in the same level as me is…I don’t know. I don’t want to get pissy ahead of time. Khanh came home last weekend and we were talking a few days ago and she told me that she noticed that I distinctly changed my tone of voice whenever I started talking to T.A. That’s because T.A. irks me! I don’t know what it is. Well, I do. But that’s for another day. A. Nguyen called me and asked me to Sinh Hoat at the Huan Luyen next week. At first he asked me to do both days but today he called and said I just have to do it for Friday for 15 mins. And then I found out that Brian is doing Saturday for 30 mins. He does have more experience and honestly he is better at it so, whatever. But I told my boss that I wasn’t going to an event because I thought I would be doing Sinh Hoat on Saturday. But, s’ok. I should probably spend time finishing up essays and stuff too. In November the parish is holding a 3 day celebration for the Parish’s 30th Anniversary. Hopefully the dance group’ll get to perform on both Friday and Saturday. We don’t want Sunday because most likely they’ll schedule us badly and we all have school the next day. If we can only do one day I’m hoping for Friday because of the invited performers. : ) We’ll see!

Work…herm…I’ve been doing photo stuff for Andrea. Nothing interesting. Today she asked me what I’ll be working on around December and after I said I didn’t know, she said that she wants me to be involved in the proposal process for NMBCA. Nobody probably knows what that means right? Well, it’ll just mean I’m doing more work. But hopefully through my work I’ll get noticed more and make a place for myself in the office. O! I’m going to Easton again this year. I love Easton!

What else…O…I got into a direct exchange program to study abroad in Osaka, Japan. I…OMG it feels weird even saying it. I was accepted by my school and now they’re nominating me to the school in Japan. It feels…unreal for some reason. Like I haven’t really accepted it. Haha, funny. I’ve been accepted but I myself haven’t fully accepted it. I’ve told Reed and my family and my boss and Dolores and the dance group but…I don’t know. It still feels…un…believable? Maybe? Basically I’ll be away April-August because that’s when their Spring semester is. And so from Dec-March I’ll just work for spending money. Lolz. I don’t know. I have more paperwork to do and all this shizz to take care of and things to plan before I go so…I don’t know. I’m excited but for some reason I feel like I should be more excited but I can’t bring myself to be it because it feels so unreal. I think that once everything is in and I’ve bought my plane ticket and paid for my housing or whatever, that’s when I’ll probably snap out of it and be like…Holy shit I’m going to Japan! Lolz.

I don’t know. I think I’ll feel better and more confident about this once I turn in the next batch of papers. Lolz!

Chya ne!


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  1. 😀 BEAUTIFUL color choices! These crème eye shadow palettes would work best as an eye shadow base. Try not to apply too much or else your eye lids will crease. A thin layer will work just fine. Otherwise, regardless of whether you use the Urban Decay Primer Potion or not, your lids will crease, like mad, if you apply more than is needed. I have the one in “Moonlit Jewels” and I love using the gold color because it adds great shimmer to my eyes, just like any of the other colors. (:

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