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“We are never so helplessly unhappy as when we lose love.”
-Sigmund Freud


I am suuuuuuuuch a camera whoreeee. Lolz.

Update on life:

– I called my doctor this morning to set up an appt so she can fill out some forms for me for the studying abroad thing and her answering machine told me that her office has been temporarily closed until further notice. And the two numbers the machine told me to call said they can’t sign my stuff because they don’t have my records. 太 不 好 了!!

– I learned how to type Chinese characters on my Mac.

– Our parish is coming out with a “yearbook” and families are supposed to sign up to have their family pictures taken and when I asked my mother if we were going to do that she was like “No! Because we’re not a family without your father.” And then I was like…Wtf….

– But whatever.

– Over the weekend I went shopping and even though I was with Otouto and his friend, we ended up splitting and as I was walking around I felt lonely. I missed Reed even though he’s never gone shopping with me before, I don’t think. No wait…he went to Bath and Body Works with me once…I think. But that wasn’t “real” shopping.

– Also I ended up not buying a lot of stuff because I felt fat. : (

– Sunday night we went to Jonathan’s house for dinner. Bot (real name Thomas, he’s so cute!) played piano for us and he was sooooooo good. Made me wanna relearn piano. Haha. He tried to help me a little bit, I sucked.

– My first goal ——-> Alone by Heart. Love that song. Heard it on Glee. : )

– I might have to get 3 shots. The health services people might not be able to refer me to get a chest x-ray so I’ll have to figure that out. The health services office has a basketful of free condoms.

– 3 SHOTS OMGGGG!!!!!!

– Khanh told me about all these Jason Mraz songs and so I looked them up and listened to them and I liked them. They’re not the kinda music I’d listen to as I’m driving….or doing anything else…but I’d definitely put them on my SLEEPYTIME playlist and sing along as I’m lying in bed waiting for sleep to take over. They’re nice. Love the lyrics.

– Led me into thinking about my Ipod. Those new Nanos are so cute. My Ipod is so huge I want a new one that’s more compact, like the Nano. And the Nano has such pretty colors! I’d get Pink…or Green…or Purple! So bright!!!

– Led me even further into thinking about how when we reconfigured my computer some months ago I ended up losing all mah music…and I can figure out a way to transfer my music from my Ipod to my computer but…I’m too lazy! I spent ALL summer organizing my music…I don’t wanna have to do it again. But I know I’ll have to. Yay for Winter Break…?

– Today we were doing presentations in Chinese class, and the subject was telling a friend that you’re treating him/her to dinner, so we presented with our partners and the last part of the “script” was “你 还 请 谁?”(Who else are you inviting (to have dinner with us?)) And in two presentations the person said they were inviting me! XING YI! Lolz. So both times I yelled out 太 好 了!!Lolz, it was funny.

– Then when I stayed after to take a make-up quiz because I missed Chinese yesterday, the teacher was like “You’re so popular, two people want to take you out to eat!” And I just laughed. Funny….funny….

– But then I felt bad because I missed like three questions on the quiz. Lolz!

– I have to do 15 mins of Sinh Hoat at this weekend’s Huan Luyen TDDTDP. I have a game in mind. I hope it’s good. Gotta tweak it.

– I went to A.C.Moore and bought $200 worth of scrapbooking/cardmaking materials. I made a card. I’m going to send it to Khanh. : ) I like it a lot, I think it’s a lot better than my last cards. I’m going to try and set up a business after this semester’s over! I wanted to do it soon, as in the next few weeks but, I think I’d rather just make cards for personal use to get used to my organization and my thought processes and procedures, then do the actual money making when I have more focus time. : ) But yay!

– Um…I don’t know what else. Lolz. Yay!

Chya ne!


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  1. Dude our parish is really going through with the yearbook thing? LOL… interesting. xP

    Hehe oyur pictures are cute! You should tie your hair like that more often. =O I’m still spazzing about you going to Japan. Just knowing that one of my friend is going to another country is like, WHABAM.

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