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so cut me up like paper
 & tape me back into something beautiful.


So on Sunday night C.M. came to my house to cook something with my mother…and she gave my mother her bday present (my mother’s bday is this Friday) which was a pearl necklace and pearl earrings, and she gave me my bday present now too instead of waiting until December. That was my present. A Movado watch. Yea. I looked up the watch on the Movado site but I couldn’t find it so I googled it instead and I found it on EBAY for $500. Other sites listed different designs that ranged from $600-thousands. Idk which design mine is. A fake Movado sells for at least $300. Wtf right? Lolz. I’m pretty sure mine is legit though because C.M. had the receipts and they were in the special Movado brochure envelope thing, but she wouldn’t give us the receipts so, Lolz. So Idk why C.M. bought me something so awesome. It’s a bit big for my taste but I freakin LOVE it! I’ve never spent $500 on any one thing in my entire life. Lolz. Yay.

C.M. brought along her niece and nephew. They are the prettiest little kids, and so polite! They wanted to play with Legos so I led them to Otouto’s room and told them to just go in there and go “HEY! Give us Legos!” And so they go in and the boy goes “Chu, may we play with your Legos?” (Chu is a way to greet someone older, it means “Uncle”) and I just burst out laughing. Lolz. I drove the boy home because he had school the next day and on the way there he said the cutest things! He’s adorable. And the girl, my god I LOVEEEE listening to her talk. It’s sooo cute! I can’t understand anything she says but…the cutest little thing.


And on Saturday C.L. gave me this London Fog…thing. Lolz. Had the tag and everything. Said that he bought it for someone else but then trailed off and then said I could have it. Lolz. Last time we went to the movies he tried to buy me a jacket thing at Target but I said I didn’t like any of the styles, cuz I didn’t want him to buy me one! Lolz, I guess he thought that was my style. I like it! Haha.

I’m sorry but, I love getting stuff. Lolz, but…it has to be stuff that people want to get me. I hate present exchange at Xmas because sometimes, most of the time, people just get you stuff because you got them something, or they expect you to get them something. And then gifts turn out all commercial, like a baggie full of lotion and a stuffed animal and shizz. This year I’m probably going to give out packs of cards that I hand made because I made them myself and it’s actually meaningful, I think. It’s like, “Here’s a pack of cards I handmade, now you can send them to people and spread the joy!” Lolz, I know, I’m also broke. Haha. But I’d rather give out something that I thought long and hard about instead of something I just picked up and threw into a baggie because I had to.  So anyway, the point of this was, I felt OK accepting these gifts because these people aren’t people required to give me gifts, so I thought that the gifts were given to me because they wanted to be given to me.

Ok so last night, or this morning, I was up until 1ish…2ish…and as I was doing shizz I suddenly thought “CRAP! I missed the day again!” As in I forgot to update the 365unpaused thing. And so I was like..Fuck I needa finish this so I’ll just do it later. So later I go to the website and I look through and I look at the date for my most recent post and I distinctly remember seeing the date “October 20, 2009” and then distinctly thinking “I don’t remember updating for today…” And then thinking “O well! I guess I must’ve.” And then going to bed.

Then I got an email from my friend about how I missed another day and I was like…Wtf? So I went back to the blog to check again and loandbehold…I did miss a day. Lolz. I musta been high on something.


Wait a minute…I DIDN’T MISS A DAY! The last 365unpaused post was for October 19, 2009. This post if for October 20, 2009, I’m perfectly on time!

Well then I’ll just post this too…


Otouto doing homework at the photo studio where we were waiting for my headshots. : )

Chya ne!


Geezuz christ! I just realized I missed 2 DAYS! Oct 17th and 18th! WTF? How the hell did that happen? Ok I think this post was sufficient enough to make up for it. SO SORRY! I won’t do it again, I’m about to post two rather long posts too so that should count to also make up for it. Haha, oops.


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