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i’m leaving your town
and I’m over the ground that you’ve been spinning
and I’m up in the air
so baby hell yea
well honey I can see your house from here
– plane [jason mraz]

The other week the HT had a meeting and afterwards we all went out to eat at Full Kee. It was yummy! While there I hadta tell A. Phong (and also A. Huy because he decided to come out) and Thao and T.A. because they were also there, about me going to Japan. I told them because it meant I wasn’t going to the DHHT so they needed to know, mainly for administrative reasons and mostly because I didn’t wanna have to deal with them asking me why I wasn’t going. Lolz. But anyways, food time!


Wonton soup. This was sooo good. The broth was kind of weird, there was a slight aftertaste and smell that I didn’t like, but the filling was deeeeelishhhh!


Fried tofu. Kind of tasteless.


I don’t know what was actually in these things. I think it’s some kind of meat. I took two pieces because someone told me it was fish…it most definitely was not fish!


Baby clams! These were really, really good. Only downside is was too tiny.


Chicken! I think this is like…Salted chicken with ginger or something. Was yummy. I love eating this stuff. Lolz. Kind of oily as you can see but, meat was nice and soft and tender.


This was like…I don’t even know. It kind of tasted like intestines. Was really soft, almost melt in your mouth but not quite.


Orange chicken. Kind of dry. I didn’t like it too much.


Rice with Fried Canadian Fish. SOOOO GOOD! Last and best dish of the night. : )

I like eating at Full Kee. Their food isn’t the bestest but it’s decently good. Good for big groups.

Full Kee Restaurant
5830 Columbia Pike, Falls Church, VA
(703) 575-8232 ‎
: )

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