well it kind of hurts   2 comments

when the kind of words you write
kind of turn themselves into knives
and don’t mind my nerves
you can call it fiction
but i like being submerged in your contradictions dear
cuz here we are, here we are
– a beautiful mess (jason mraz)

I have discovered Owl City and it hasn’t impacted me as much as I thought it would. I was expecting something life-changing. Did not step up. I guess it would’ve made more sense if today’s lyrics were from Owl City but…I didn’t feel like it was that worthy. Kind of disappointed.

I went back to asian-horror-movies.com today for the first time in months and looked through their movie list and felt out of the loop.

I heard that the Hiep Si are being taught how to teach lessons. On the one hand I think it’s a great idea. It’s much better than having the HT take you and put you into a level and say “TEACH!” and then having yourself go…”Wtf…OK!” I managed to do fine with it but a little more guidance would’ve helped. Then again, I hope that the teaching won’t limit the kids’ creativity. Eh, they should be fine.

I’m so extremely behind on my school work, not even funny. Never was.

I noticed that my WordPress account is on a different time than my laptop which itself is on a different time than my clock…which is, assumed, the right time.

This Saturday is the LaSan Awards Ceremony. I have to help Dai Hai with managing the kids. Yay……..No.

I’m supposed to go to Easton on business in two weeks. : )

I need work clothes. But I’m too poor to get anything.

I’m getting bigger work loads at work. Nothing I can’t handle but still.

Dance group has two performances in 4 weeks. Even though the songs are old…I’m afraid of how well we’ll do. We need to do really, really well, because it’s an important event. We have a lot to hold up to. Yay for Van Lang! This is a real “Yay” this time.

I’m tired.

I love Criminal Minds.

Today when we were teaching Anthony, we had to introduce ourselves to him. And it was funny because Otouto introduced himself as Cuong. And I was like “Cuong’s not an English name. It’s just an English pronunciation of your Viet name!” So then I introduced Otouto as “Martin.” And Otouto was like…”No!” So then we just went back to introducing ourselves as “Cuong” and “Nhu-Y.” So then when we asked Anthony to repeat our names, he called Otouto “King.” Which was interesting because…Otouto uses “King” a lot in his usernames and crap. So I instinctively reintroduced myself as “Gee.” I was going to say “GeeNie” but, I caught myself. Haha. I thought “Gee” was cuter. But now I keep having the song “Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby gee gee gee gee baby baby baby baby” running through my head. If you’re Thuy or Hanna you might know what that is. Lolz. Yay. Gee.

I need to lose weight. No freakin lie. I can’t keep stalling. Doubleyou Tee Eff.

This year’s Halloween was really big. Almost everyone dressed up and did something. Makes me wanna do something for next Halloween, which I think falls on a Sunday. If probably won’t be as big because it’s Sunday night and people’ll wanna get back early for work/school the next day but, still. Or…I can wait for Halloween in 7 years and really do it then cuz it’ll be on a Saturday again. I wanna go as a Chinese fairy or one of the four Chinese beauties. Haha. I’ll do like…a 3-part costume. The skirt/long flowy pants, the halter, and then an outside long cover. Sounds like a possible dance costume. But anyway, I’d wear all 3-parts if it’s for a church/family party. And if I go clubbing, I’ll take off the cover! Haha, I wanna start on making the hair stuff nowww. Maybe. Lolz.

My hair smells so good! I’ve been smelling it all day. I’m addicted. I should have a boyfriend so that one lucky guy can smell my hair all the time, because it smells really…really good.

The other day I sent Dolores her package. It made me happy. I need to send Reed that package I meant to put together over the summer and never did. Must do it soon.

I went to Reed’s house on Sunday so his mom could give me a run through of how to take care of their fish while she is away…and it made me wanna get a fish. In a bowl. But apparently fish aren’t meant to live in bowls. Ha! Yay.

I want a new camera. I’ve been wanting one for awhile. I like compact digital cameras. But for some reason I’ve been really wanting a DSLR. The compact is fine but it’s not…detailed enough and doesn’t have enough functions. I like Panasonic because my mom got a point-and-shoot Panasonic and it’s really, really good. And I’ve been looking on their website and it’s all confusing to me but it sounds cool. DSLRs are really expensive though so I probably won’t be able to afford one until the semester’s over. Phooey. : (

I needa learn martial arts. Like for real. So that I can fight off crazy eye-loving lunatics from Criminal Minds.

So yesterday I called my program officer for the study abroad thing and she said that everything with my application was fine. And she’s sent it off, and now all we need to do is wait for the “OK” by the school in Japan. I’m anxious. And nervous. And…Overwhelmed. In more ways than one.

I have anger management issues.

Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminals Minds!!! The guys in there are hott.

I’m going to leave now to do homework.

Chya ne!


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  1. Wow woman! LOL this entry is tons of rambling in each paragraph, but it was fun to read!

    I’m nervous about VL too.. D; I hope we do well! I’m actually excited to see Minh Tuyet. Although I heard she doesn’t look as good as she used to.

    Man, start selling your cards and you wont be poor anymore! How much do you usually sell for one anyways?

    AND DEFINITELY GET A DSLR. So worth it. LOL. Best thing I’ve ever invested in my whole life.

  2. I’ve never met her in person so I’m skeptical. You know people look so different on TV, usually they look better on TV than in real life. Lolz. O well, I like her singing so, still excited.

    And Luong Tung Quang’s coming! Haha, I’m not all fan girl for him but he is cute.

    And I kinda wanna meet Nguyen Ngoc Ngan. I like him, I’d be depressed if he turned out mean and rude and disrespectful like Viet Thao. Lolz.

    Hahaha, I know rightt? I’m probably gonna contact my possible future partner in a little while and see if she wants to start soon.

    I wanna play with your DSLR! But I’m afraid I’ll break it. Or fall completely in love with it and either steal if or take out a loan to get my own. Lolz!

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