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can’t get your memory off my mind
just want your heartbeat on top of mine
there’s something dancing,
here in the shadows
…and I wish it were us


I have a feeling I won’t be able to post later tonight so, here’s a quick one right before class starts. 对不起!

I am too behind. In a rut. Which kind of is uncalled for because in the last 5 weeks of school, I only have 8 big assignments due aside from the finals. The problem is….4 of those assignments are due within two days of each other. And that’s why I’m in a rut. Of course the procrastinating might’ve had something to do with it too, who knows. I hope to be better by Wed night, because those 4 assignments will have been taken or turned in by then. Then it’s off to Marylandddddd for a business tripppp. I hope it’s fun this year. : )

Huh, I guess this was a 365unpaused…and a quickie update. O yea, I have a second customer for my cards already! gotta start making the orders. : )



Posted November 9, 2009 by .unpaused. in 365unpaused

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