gặp lại rồi mình sẽ ra sao ?   2 comments

làm gì tìm lại được lúc ban đầu…
hoặc là mình lại càng níu chân nhau,
xô ngã đời nhau
– em đã từng yêu

The holidays are coming! Thanksgiving is in three…no…two? weeks, and then Christmas! OMG I’m so excited! I’ve been down the past few weeks for various reasons. The obvious one, of course, is that I’m behind on my school work. But the other…more…heart-tugging reason is that winter is coming. It’s practically here! I feel like walking around bundled up with scarves around my neck, hat on my head, mittens on my hands. There’s something about that image that makes me happy, I don’t know what it is. Then again, why would that be heart tugging? Well because winter is slow in coming. And because whenever I think of winter…well whenever I think of anything…I start to miss my dad. I miss him driving us to Christmas mass and being late every year. I miss him reminding me about one foot on the brake and one on the gas as you’re going uphill so you don’t slide back. I miss him shoveling the snow off our car. I miss him taking pictures of us. I miss him walking around the house in his pjs. I miss him just miss him just miss him. I think that whenever I start going into a phase or moment in life I start to miss him. Ah well, I guess it can’t be helped. Anyway, as I was walking through A.C.Moore today I noticed that the red, green, white, gold stuff was already out. Red Candles. Teddies in Santa Suits. Christmas cardstock : ). I felt…kind of content inside. I can’t wait for the holidayyys!

Of course, while I was at A.C.Moore I also bought this…

Pretty stickers! Am going to use them to make cards that Sara ordered.

I thought it was a punch, not an embossing punch (two totally different things). O well, just needa get creative.

Tomorrow morning I’m going up to Maryland and coming back on Sunday night. I figured that since it’s cold and rainy outside today, and is forecasted to be this weekend, I might as well try and get some closed toe shoes. I didn’t want to wear my tennis shoes while on a business trip so instead, I went and got these at Payless.

Yay for boots! I’ve been meaning to get rain boots…and I probably will at some point, but I’ve also been needing winter weather boots. Tennis shoes are just not what they used to be.

I must’ve gone through…3 or 4 pairs of these kind of boots, the ones that are furry lined. But the other ones’ve always been so bulky. I don’t like wearing boots OVER my pants so I didn’t like the bulkyness of the other winter boots I had. But these, they’re sooooooooo comfyyyy, soooo soft…and not bulky at all!


I originally had wanted a higher heel but, I know I’ll be walking around in these and so I wanted them to be comfy. These were oddly very comfy when I tried them on. And the heel is really short so it won’t hurt too much. And they’re so cute!!

Also got socks : )

And these (from Old Navy) to layer with my tops.

Love the colors!

Gahhh I can’t wait for school to be over so I can start working full time again so I can do more shopping! Of course if I get into Japan I’ll also have to save money for the trip but still…YAY!

So I hope that this business trip turns out to be enjoyable. I mean, my past trips have been pretty good, but as usual, I don’t want to get my hopes up. I just want this trip to be good and decent at the very, very least. I think I packed way too much, and yet not enough. O well!

Also at work, the grants people have been getting me to do stuff for them. More work but, I like it. It’s also been suggested that maybe I sit in on their meetings in January. Important meetings. : )

So last weekend Co NhuLa told me that one of her many sons (she has 4) told her that he wanted me to tutor him in violin. I have to say I’d be totally glad to. The only other person I’ve tutored was…Otouto, and he turned out pretty well. Of course I did make him cry…a lot. Ha! I wonder if he remembers. Anyway, I emailed her today and told her that I would love to tutor Teddy (the son) but we’d have to work out who goes to who’s house (whom’s house??).

Also last weekend!

Otouto at the LaSan Awards Ceremony. No pictures of him performing but everybody said he did well. : )

So on Saturday C.KP wasn’t at TN and so asked me to do this project with the Au Nhi. Basically she provided all of these cards and the Au Nhi were to write in them.

Heehee, Au Nhi are sooo cute!

These weren’t even the cutest examples,all of them were just a joy to read. The cards are to be sent to the troops overseas and…it got me to thinking…I don’t know. When C.KP first asked me to do it I said sure because, well, why not? It was just sending cards right? Then I thought about it wondered if…I’m not against the war but I’m not for it either. I guess if I had to take a side I’d lean to…against the war…so I felt like maybe I felt weird about having the kids write these cards, but on Saturday I sat down and had a mini lecture to the kids about compassion and shit and just realized, who the hell cares if I’m against or for the war? The fact is there are soldiers fighting and they need a little bit of joy in their lives. I even had an impulse thought to send my own cards but, I didn’t. Lolz. I’m not that compassionate.

On Sunday we went bowling.

I had actually tried to take the picture of Otouto as he let the ball go, but my camera was reacting slow as a mother effer, as it’s been doing a lot lately. I want a DSLR!

It actually started as a dinner with the HT. C. Mai invited me and Otouto. It wasn’t all the HT, just the few who were invited. I noticed that H has been acting different around me. Which is not surprising at all actually. She and I weren’t close AT ALL when we were younger, but once I joined the Au Nhi as a fellow HT, she acted like we were friends. In fact, it would be honest to say she and I were never even friends, but while I was in Au Nhi she would talk about how she and I “go way back” or we’re so close or we’re friends and we “work well together” and all that crap. But now that she’s been transferred up to TN, she’s completely turned back around. She doesn’t even look at me, let alone say hi or greet me or anything, when we walk past in the hallways. She even pushed by me at some points. At the dinner, the only thing she said to me was “N–Y, do you have a hair clip [that she can borrow]?” I said no I only had a hair tie and she said “That’s fine.” That was it….Wait a minute…I never got back my hair tie! W.t.f. Even when DH, her boyfriend, was teasing me and I was looking straight over at them because I was telling him to shut up, she was looking straight in my direction and nothing. No smile, no telling her boyfriend to shut up, no acknowledgment. Like I said, this isn’t that surprising. She’s always been kind of shallow in my opinion and she and I never really got along. But for a point I actually thought…”she might be alright.” And it turns out she isn’t. Ha, which is better for me because then it’s less confusing.

So…what…? O yes, anyway, after the dinner most of the HT went bowling. Man…they are really…really good. Hahaha. Like…they got strikes almost all the time. It was cool to watch. They rented a lane for Otouto and I to play/practice. But! We did win some free coupons. Otouto and I each got a strike when one of the colored pins was in the middle and so we got coupons for free games. I didn’t imagine we’d be back at the bowling alley before the expiration date so we gave it to the HT but, it was still cool.

Heehee, I was the first in the whole group to get the free coupon. And then the colored pins started showing up more and we ended up with tons. Lolz. As a side note…MAN there were a lot of Asians at the bowling alley. And some cute ones too! Hahaha.

O yeaaa! While we were at the buffet for dinner, A.Nguyen started trying to hit on one of the people working there. Idk if he was serious or just joking around, but he started out with a line. And I heard him since I was sitting right next to him, and instantly I knew what he was going to do and it was so funny. I started laughing really hard and he lost his concentration and then he started laughing too. It ended up being he didn’t do it because then as we were leaving C.Mai pointed to the girl and was like “There she’s free, do it now.” And so obviously…that kind of ended it right there. Lolz. And! When I left the bowling alley A.Nguyen was still playing but he actually gave me a hug. Which surprised me because I don’t think any of the HT’ve hugged me before…ever. Except C.KP and C.Quyen. I tried to hug C.Mai when she gave me my watch but that was really awkward. Haha. Anyway, it was interesting hanging out with them. I think that sometimes I notice that they’re not like me, then I realize that I have to just put up with it, and then at times like at the dinner and while bowling, I realize that I have to make the effort to get along too. So yea, it was a fun night. Made me kind of sad that I won’t be going to DHHT with them but, whatever. I can’t say I’m close with them or even good friends with them now but, they’re cool, sometimes.

Speaking of, I still haven’t heard back from my program officer about if the school in Japan’s accepted me. Which kind of sucks because right now is class registering time and I needed to know whether or not I got into Japan because if I didn’t, I need to register for classes over here. Arghhh.

Sooo on Thursday Otouto had his orchestra’s fundraiser thing at Silver Diner again. Some food pics!

The salad. I must’ve taken like…two bites. Not that interesting.

Steak. Was yummyyy. I ordered it medium rare but on the rare side. Was so good and juicyy!

Shrimp with pasta. Was really good. A lot of shrimp.

Peppermint Shake? I think. It was Otouto’s order, I only took a small sip. Did not like. Was too milky for me. If you don’t already know, milk makes me naseous so, I probably wouldn’t’ve liked any of their shakes but Otouto said he liked it fine, I think.

I’ve probably already mentioned before, I’m behind in school. But, it’s OK. I’ve done what I can, caught up well enough. In the next few weeks of school aside from finals, I only have a big thing due each week, also not counting the quizzes and tests in Chinese, which are every class, so…I should be OK. I’m going to start right away with my next assignment so I don’t get caught like the past two days. On Sunday night/Monday morning I stayed up until 5:30AM, went to sleep and woke up at 8:40AM and went to school and was decently fine. Then on Monday night/Tuesday morning I went to bed at around 3:30AM. I kept hearing creepy stuff but as it’s almost 2AM right now and I’m the only one awake, I’m going to leave the creepy stuff for another day. I’ll probably forget. Lolz. Eh whatever, I’ll tell it here. So on Sunday night/Monday morning as I was up I had the window wide open and could hear people down in the alley. That was fine. But on Monday night/Tuesday morning, at around 3:30AM, I heard very briefly light music and then an extremely loud scratching, the kind of scratching like a box being moved or something. So I thought…Otouto? Maybe his phone went off and in trying to get the phone he moved something or knocked something over? So I sat there looking over my shoulder for like a minute, there was nothing else so I just, bravely I might add, went back to my paper. Of course the next day I asked Otouto and he said he wasn’t awake at all at that time. Thing is the scratching sounded really loud, like right next to me loud. Eh, who knows, maybe I knocked something over and didn’t notice. The TV wasn’t on. I wasn’t watching anything on the computer either.

So, since I’ll be on my trip this weekend I won’t be able to update my 365unpaused everyday. I’ll try to do what I can but, it probably won’t be much.

Here’s wishin!

Chya ne!


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  1. LOL FREAK. that story about the box D; Apparently I heard ghosts/spirits are usually awake around 3 AM….. bleh.


    1. Cute boots
    2. Have fun on your trip! Don’t get raped!
    3. Feel better, I’m sure your dad is in heaven looking down on you~
    4. Hope everything about Japan trip goes smoothly!

    • Yea, I heard that too. Something about because it’s the opposite of the time Jesus died on the cross? But you know, it’s just blahblah. Lolz. Good Lord I hope it’s just blah blah.

      Thanks! I really like the boots too, they’re so adorable. Thing is I only have ankle socks and they always slide down when I wear the boots. I need more socks. Haha.

      Hahaha! I’ve been pretty good at not getting raped, but thanks for worrying.

      Awww…I heart you! <3!

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