how my life is fcked part ii   Leave a comment

I stayed up till 4AM last night. Didn’t wake up again until 7:30. Managed to get in some studying for Art History.

Art History and I took turns raping each other. I got it during the matching Art pieces with title, place, and time period…except I fumbled on the time periods. Then I managed to get the upper hand pretty much throughout the defining terms section but missed like…3 or so. Then the essay. Man Art History turned me around and screwed me. I was effed.

So after I finished that I went to the Honors Lounge, finished BSing my Cultural Studies paper…the Honors Lounge was making pancakes the whole day so I got a pancake…it was really, really good. I was really hungry.

Went and took my Chinese written exam. I might’ve fcked up one question. I think overall I 考试考得不错。But you can never be too sure, I might’ve completely failed, who knows. I know that I 写字写得不好。That’s for sure. O well. Chinese is my only chance at an A this semester for any class though. : (

Then I went and turned in my Cultural Studies paper. Ran into the professor before I got to her office so just gave it straight to her. She looked disappointed at my really, really, REALLY ginormous font. Ha. Aishhhh.

Now it’s 10:48AM. I have a History final tomorrow at 10:30AM. I have to be in class by 10:15. That means I have to leave the house, at the latest, by 9:40.

I have a list of 50 terms to look up and then memorize. Then I have a paper to research and write.



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