how my life is fcked   1 comment

It’s 1:44AM. I have 1 Art History final to study for, 1 Chinese final to study for, 1 Cultural Studies paper to start research and write. All for tomorrow.

Next week is Christmas and I haven’t even bothered looking for the decorations.

I’m bummed.

I feel like freedom is just two days away…hell it is just two days away…and yet so goddam far.

I screwed up my Government final this morning and so told myself that I’ll just do better on the other ones. Doesn’t seem to be happening.

In the past 15 hours all I’ve done was watch some anime, managed to look up all the terms for Art History but not go over the essay questions or look at the art, and sleep. WTF!??

I’m screwed. Goodnight.


Posted December 16, 2009 by .unpaused. in Life, Quickie

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  1. yeah art history is a tuff one its only easy if you can identify key typical terms and just write an essay around it I always skipped trying to learn the artist name and title unless it caught my eye…hope you do well

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