một mùa đông ấm áp có nhau kề bên   2 comments

chỉ là trong những giấc mơ ta nhiều đêm
nơi phương xa tuyết vẫn đang rơi
và nơi đó chỉ có mình em
bởi vì anh chỉ mãi yêu riêng mình em
dù bao lâu anh vãn nơi đây chờ mong
nơi phương xa tuyết vẫn đang rơi
và em hứa quay về nơi đây….
– lời hẹn ước mùa đông

I just realized that my two scholarships might not be renewable for senior year. FML! Paperwork for home, paperwork for Japan, making money and preparing for Japan, going to Japan, choreographing so that the dance group has songs to do while I’m in Japan, looking for and applying for scholarships for undergrad senior year, research grad schools, preparing for testing for grad school, applying to grad school, looking for money for grad school, here comes hither the moments in life where I am to stress and wish I were dead and lash out at random people. Stay away from me. You’ve been warned.

On another note!


December birthdays (minus Tina). I guess this pic actually does well in showing our true personalities. Ceci is timid and shy. Francis is funny in a dry kind of way. I like to stick my tounge out at people. And possibly mispell toungue.

Winners of the second round for BHT. We’re so cute. : )

Side note: SEE HOW FUZZY the PICTURES ARE??!!! Me NOOOOO Likey!!!


So, for my birthday:

On Friday, the eve of my birthday, Otouto and I went to Ba Bay’s house for a quick dinner and some cake. The actual celebration was on Saturday but I was already busy. I kind of was sad that I couldn’t come to the actual birthday thing but from FB pictures afterwards, it seemed to be a huge shots fest, which I’m not that into so, whatever. Note: I hate going to Ba Bay’s without Co Nam there. As in, I hate going to Ba Bay’s house when Ba Bay is the one “hosting.” I…dislike her greatly. She’s very rude and inconsiderate and…I would say…kind of immature. The only reason I go over there every now and then is because I like playing with the kids, and cuz of Co Nam and Chu Hoa, and…cuz sometimes they have good food. Lolz.

Then on Saturday, in the morning, I went with the HS and NS to sing Xmas Carols at the local nursing home. I think that this year’s was a bit better than previous years, from my experience at least. I wasn’t looking forward to this birthday, as you can possibly tell from my previous, previous, previous, previous post. Hee. But, the day was pretty good. Youth group as usual. Then…party time! With the Van Lang girls and Cha Luan and Otouto and two other kids. Lolz.

The whole table (minus Otouto cuz he’s taking the picture).

Me, Cha Luan, and Thuy. : )

Tina, Stephanie, and I. I was so glad Stephanie came. Tina shares the same Bday as me!

I think this was seaweed. It’s kind of salty, but good.
Some crunchy shrimp thing. I really liked it. Hanna really liked the sauce. Lolz.
My entree. Really spicy. Taste was alright.

The place we went to was Tobagi in Annadale:

7031-2A Little River Tpk
Annandale, VA 22003

The food was really good overall I thought. I took some pics of other people’s food too but, too lazy to post it all. The place is dimly lit, they only have a few tables. They had to put together like…5 tables to fit all of us so…aside from those 5 tables there must’ve been another….7 tables? It’s not a huge place. The waiters were really, really nice though. I liked it. Go there.

Thank you THUY for dinner. It’s a bit late, lolz, but thank you thank you. You’re awesomee!

December birthdays (Tina, me, Ceci) cutting the cake.

The picture’s kinda dark but I really like it.

All the girls!!


What was your favorite childhood book? I’ve always really liked this book titled “The Littlest Angel.” It’s a really, really cute story, and even now, no matter how far I may possibly stray from Catholicism and Christianity, I’ll always love the book even if it’s based on Christmas. I don’t know what it is about the book, it just….I don’t know. I don’t have anything that I’ll actually try hard to save from my childhood, but that book (and the first pair of PJs, also the first ever present I got from my parents in the US, which happened to be pink and Pooh Bear-ed) will probably be the only thing(s) in the treasure chest of memories at the foot of my bed, once I get a treasure chest, and a bed in a house with a room big enough to store a treasure chest.

So, of course when I went to Best Buy on Saturday and saw this movie, I just HAD to get it. Ignore the ribbons, Lolz.

: )

I think the illustrations in the book are cuter and the movie added some stuff but, of course it did so, I really liked it. I watched it right as I got home.


The other weekend there was a snow storm. It was pretty awesome. I didn’t get to go outside much because Otouto was house sitting somewhere else so I had no one to play with. But! It was cool cuz I basically just lounged around and did nothing. Both Otouto and Mother weren’t home. I made lunch!

Fried Shrimp

This went with a plate of Mi Goreng, left over chicken (or was it turkey..? No…musta been chicken), eggs, and some Chinese veggies. Was sooooo good!!!


A card Otouto and I made. He actually helped me make it!! Isn’t it adorable??


So on Christmas day Mother Otouto and I went to Co Hanh’s again. : ) We had hotpot! This time I took some time between scarfing down the food to take some pics.

There were more veggies on the other side of the table. And of course more of the seafood.
My squeezed orange juice and my bells. Those bells were so multi-useful. First they were on my “ring,” then my “bracelet,” then “hairtie,” and now, my car keys. ; )
The dip.
Bowl #1
Bowl #2
I didn’t take pics of the 12392348647654 bowls that followed. Hee.



Xi Muoi drink and Pho.

Lunch after Ice Skating with the HS and NS. All day long spent with them and those were the only two pictures I took with my camera. Blah! Maybe the reason why my camera is being crappy is because of under-use. :* ( ???


Three new books from Barnes and Nobles and two games from Best Buy.

That pile is to add on to the list of books I need to read, games I need to finish (start first) this break.

I think I’m going to add a widget that’s a list of things I need to do before I leave, i.e. things to do this break. So that if I’m a little behind on my posting or my 365unpaused project, you’ll know why. I’m probably also going to put up a list of things I need to (want to) buy before I leave. : ) HINT. HINT. Although…both my birthday and Xmas are over so, IDK what the hinting’d be useful for. Bah.

I can’t believe I actually brought myself to blog today. Lolz. Yay I’m all caught up kind of! : )

Chya ne!

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  1. I hate going to your blog because you always have pictures of yummy food!

    Hehe and you’re welcome about the party. You deserved it! =D

    • This is a reply to your blog post too Thuy, I tried posting in on your entry but my work computer doesn’t show the little code I have to put in. Hee:

      Aw! Thuy! Don’t be down : ( Blogging your problems actually helps a lot! Lolz. I tend to use first initials if I don’t want someone to know I’m talking about them. But like, whenever I have a problem, I always rant to either Cuong, Reed, or Dolores, or all three! And I’m anxious to talk to them so that I can rant and the problem keeps bothering me until I rant to them, but if I get to my blog first and just rant on there, I feel better even if I haven’t told any of them. Lolz!

      My food pictures suck! My pictures from my most recent post are soooo blurry. Your Pho pic looks so good, I can practically smell it. Haha. We shoulda taken a pic of the waiter and been like “This is how a person abused by a buncha girls looks like.” LOLZ!

      How many hours do you work?

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