và từ đây em về với người   Leave a comment

còn lại anh nơi này vẩn đợi
con đường xưa vắng em
chỉ mình anh bước đi
tìm lại hơi ấm ngày xưa…
– và từ đây


Psssttttt!!! I’m procrastinating!!

I started this post months ago under a different title. Then a few days ago I retitled it and left it open to start it again..


Now….a week later….I am restarting it at work, hopefully I’ll get it done. : )

I am swearing to myself that I will finish this post today/night. I feel bad for leaving my blog so empty! It needs photos!!

First off, I know that my 365unpaused Blog Project has pretty much shot itself in the leg and failed at its attempt to stumble to a hospital….???…………..BUT! No worries. The New Year is just….Erm…3?? Days away! I think it’d make sense if I started it again on New Year’s Day, right?

The pictures will probably be crappy at first because my camera is shitty and I’m broke as hell so I can’t afford a new camera. I really want a DSLR so I’ll be saving up for that. I’ll have to buy it before March though so, we’ll see. Man…last night I uploaded some pictures onto Photobucket and for some reason, maybe it was my contacts or something, IDK, the pictures looked really, really fuzzy. Anyone know what other uploading site I can use?? Ack! It’s not just me, I’m looking at the pictures on my work computer (on the Photobucket site) and they’re still fuzzy!

Whatever. Lolz. I’ll figure it out later.


So, I had all these pictures that I was going to post on Thanksgiving and my birthday, but I’ve decided not to post so much. Use your imagination : )


I had some weird ass dreams the other night. One was…nice. The other was scary. My mother turned into a scary, freaky, mean, btch, so much so that she literally kicked my brother and I out, and it wasn’t because we did something, she just like, turned evil or something. It was weird!! After I woke up I was like…why would I complain but, still, it was weird. Lolz. And the other dream was there was this guy and we were “secretly” dating because we were living somewhere where there was a…monarch? I think, yea. And he was obviously higher up in the aristocratic ladder than me so we were meeting secretly and stuff. But apparently I was at the same time staging a coup. HAHA! Which I ended up being successful in, kicked that old queen out on her arse. Yea, I don’t know. It was funny.



A+ in Chinese: I freakin loved that class. The prof was awesome, the kids were cool. My group’s presentation was so funny and kicked butt. I whizzed through my individual oral conversation and the writing portion. : )
B in Cultural Studies: I was surprised as fck that I got a B in this class. I mean, my grades, of the few assignments I did turn in, were Bs and Cs. I skipped like…ten thousand classes. It was a 3-hr class every Monday so I found my self getting tired by the time the class rolled around and just like…left. Lolz. And! I didn’t turn in my draft of my paper, at all. I turned the paper in on time but, I didn’t think it was that great. I’m pretty much grateful to the prof for giving me a B. Lolz. I feel bad though, I could’ve done better. And now I’m afraid to go to her for more recommendation letters (She wrote me a rec letter for Japan) Lolz.
B in Art History: I failed the first quiz, raped the midterm, bombed the one essay, and don’t know how I did on the final, but it must’ve been decent cuz I got a B. Lolz. I liked the class, the material was interesting. Again I wish I had tried a litte harder but. Idk. As with all my other classes, I did really well the first few weeks and then, I don’t know what got to me, I just started slackin off. Bah!
B in History: I was surprised here too. I mean, my papers were decent and my tests were OK. I know I did well on the in-class portion of my final and I guess I did relatively well on the essay portion too, who knows.
C+ in Government: I pretty much expected this. Actually I expected a C or a C-. Lolz. I just failed the final. Failed it. Was so bad. Don’t know what I got but, I know what I did and it was bad. Lolz!!

My grades weren’t the best. I was expecting at least two Cs (Gov and Cultural Studies), but I got just the 1 C. So that was nice. I wish I had tried a little more, at least in Art History and Cultural Studies but, o well. The semester’s been over for awhile, I did what I did and that’s what I got for it so, gotta deal. : )

So on the Monday of the last week of school I got an email from my Program Officer officially accepting me into the direct exchange program with Momoyama Gakuin University in Japan for the Spring of 2010. Japan’s fall semester doesn’t end until January so they weren’t going to get any of their official paperwork out to us but, Mason had made it official so, yay! I’m…excited…nervous…daunted…scared…but happy. I guess. Lolz. I need to start learning some basic Japanese so I’m not a complete idiot. Idk if my kanji will help at all. But whatev! So in January at some point Momoyama will send us their stuff and I’ll have a few weeks of running around like a headless chicken tryin to get all my shizz together. Yay.


Speaking of…school…Yesterday I registered with the Peterson’s Graduate Channel. After talking a bit with Dolores I realized how behind I am. Esp. since I’m going to be in Japan all summer. I thought that once I came back from Japan, I would start all my research on Grad school and still make it in time. But then I realized that wait, if I want to be in Grad school by Fall of 2011, I needed to apply by winter 2010/11. Which means I need to start all my apps in Fall 2010. Which means that I need to know by then WHICH schools to apply for. It costs money! And I need to do research on scholarships and shizz too because, well that’s a big part of where I decide to go. Not HUGE…but big. And, I have to take a standardized test, I didn’t know that!!! If I were here over the summer I could just take it then, but I’ll be abroad, so I have to take the test before I go or after I come back. And you can only take the test once a month! So…OMG so much to do so little time!

Japan, although a happy thing, is really stressing me out. I just hope I can get all my research on the schools done before I leave to go abroad otherwise, I’ll be stressing the whole time I’m there and I don’t want that. Blahhh!


Ok well, other things. Picture time!!

The Orchestra. : )

We have about 25 kids, give or take a few, in the orchestra. We don’t fit in our old seats anymore so they moved us over to the area where the people usually sit (instead of having us right in front of the choir). I think they’ve also decided to name us “Toma Thien.” I know that there are youth groups named after Toma Thien but Idk who he is. I guess it’s OK. It just doesn’t sound very orchestra-y. Eh, I guess we’ll get used to it over time.

Speaking of orchestra and Japan, lots of things are happening this summer. This adds on to my fear of having to start over when I come back. I mean, I have a standing at the church. That doesn’t mean I’m always listened to and crap like that but, people know me. All this stuff is happening with the church over the summer, stuff that I won’t be present for. Van Lang is having performances, the Orchestra is performing too. I won’t be there to lead any of those. It’s kinda like, those are the “coming out” performances and I won’t be present for them. I’m already afraid that after I come back from Japan, I’ll realize that the life I speant 15 years (we came to the US 15 years ago) building left when I left and when I came back, I’d have to start over! I mean, technically it doesn’t matter. I’m not staying here forever. I might move to go to grad school. I might not come back for while, forever maybe. After I come back from Japan, I’ll be busy with getting ready for grad school so I won’t have a lot of time anyway, and then after that I might move to go to grad school so, I won’t be around…anyway! But still, sometimes it’s like…you want change, but you still reach for the regular so that you don’t feel so lost. Ack, I don’t know.


Cards! I made for Sara.




Let’s skip on the Thanksgiving pictures. They’re not that significant anymore. Haha. Well, on Thanksgiving we drove up to Cuong’s Godfather’s house. There we were “officially” accepted as the couple’s “adopted” children. I mean, no paperwork or anything was done but, you know.

I feel kinda weird. We have to call them Mom and Dad (in Viet though). I mean, they’re a nice couple and everything’s cool but, it just feels like “O great, more people I have to put on an act for, more people I have to impress, more people I have to take advice from, more people more people more people!”

The church was taking family photos for their 30 year anniversary yearbook and, Mother said that she didn’t want to take the photo because without Pops, we’re not really a family. Yea, I know. It sounds just as absurd to me as it does to you. So Mom and Dad (Geezuz) had us take pictures with them. Um. Yea. It was awkward but, whatever.

I don’t know…now I have…two adopted parents, a priest god brother, a priest god father, and a buncha people who aren’t “officially” my anything but feel like they should be. My adopted parents are cool, they’re all cool. But my adopted Dad, I think, feels that he wants to call me every now and then to talk, you know, like parents do. Yea….I was like….”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????”. In my head. Heh. My priest god brother and father, I haven’t talked to them in forever. Sometimes I email them to greet them on hoildays because Mother tells me to but usually the emails go like so:


Happy (insert holiday here)!

Your (god daughter, sister)


Nice huh? I mean, they’re both pretty chill and laid back and they should know by now that I’m not a talker so, O well. I guess I should at some point email them about my going missing for 5 months next year. That would be appropriate.


Oooo, the day after Thanksgiving Mother Otouto and I went to Co Hanh’s. We had hotpot, I freakin love the hotpot at their house. It’s vegetarian (not vegan so there’s Shrimp and Squid) and it’s actually so freakin good!! I didn’t take any pics, save that for next time. BUT! We did all get new haircuts. I was surprised Mother got a new haircut, it looks good on her. I loved my haircut. At first I wanted it shorter and more, way more, layered but, I ended up really liking it after a few days. And it’s still “long” enough so that I can curl it and it wouldn’t look like I’m a 50yearold Vietnamese widow, or something.

Camera-horing time!!

At school. NOT doing work.
Hear Speak See
No Evil.

Work has been boring and uneventful. Pat said that while I’m away I’ll just be on “Leave Without Pay.” So that when I come back, I still have a job. : )


Church same old same old. Blah blah.

Chya, for now.

A kinda cute fireman just walked by. They’re doing fire alarm tests in my building at work. HA!

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