khi em đi rồi sẽ rất nhớ tiếng nói của anh   3 comments

mái tóc ánh mắt nụ cười em…..
nhớ lắm
anh yêu không buồn nhé nước mắt níu kéo bước chân
những kí ức sẽ như hành trang bên cạnh em
– tạm biệt

Know what’s creepy? Driving into an empty…well…almost empty but for 4 or 5 cars…underground parking lot…leveled P2 (yea, like that movie). Hearing the echo of your slammed door. Walking into your office and seeing only two other people and everyone else’s offices dark. That is creepy.

But S’OK cuz the other two people are right next to me. Lolz. Man, I left my camera at home today so couldn’t picture anything. ; ) O well.

So…I’ve been considering making a TUMBLR account but, for some reason…it’s blocked at work! And everyone knows that’s when I write best. Lolz. At work, when I’m supposed to be actually working. Anyway…I’m not surprised that it’s blocked persay…cuz Facebook and Twitter are blocked too but, WordPress and Blogger isn’t blocked. AND! For some reason, I can go to other people’s Tumblrs…like…I can go and read Island’s ( Tumblr page…but I can’t go to the main Tumblr page or anything. It’s weird. I told myself to try it at home but…last night I took a longgg butt nap so, I didn’t. Haha. I kinda just want to see what all the hype is about. I was actually going to make a Tumblr before but the user “unpaused” was already taken so I didn’t. I like Tumblr just because I feel that I’d update more if I could easily post short, quick updates, instead of waiting forever just to post a long thing. But then again I don’t want to limit my blog to just short quickies. WordPress is going well for me but, Idk why, I keep feeling like it’s behind the times. But then again, I guess that’s the way it is with the internet. Whatever I’m using will be considered behind the times at some point. Eh, I guess it’s not so bad. Maybe I’m just feeling a bit discouraged because my pictures are so fuzzy but, that’s more a problem of my camera, GIMP, and my uploading site than WordPress, I hope. Eh, I guess I’ll stick with it for a bit longer…MAYBE!

So…I’ve been looking at Grad School programs on Peterson’s Graduate Channel recently…and so far out of the 163 search results, I’ve found 27 schools that I liked or kind of liked or will, at least, make due with. Now…if I apply to all of thost 27 schools…(it’ll cost me about $1620, maybe more)….I have to get into…at the very least….ONE…right??




My co-worker just said “Hey Nhu-Y, the bosses aren’t here, now’s the time to do some online shopping.” And I said “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”


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3 responses to “khi em đi rồi sẽ rất nhớ tiếng nói của anh

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  1. Join Tumblr! You know you want to ;D haha

    Living in Aussie I don’t understand the education system in America lol I think I’ve told you that before haha When you mention grad schools, I think of Uni?

    Hooray for online shoppage! Though I’ve never tried it myself…maybe I should?

    Anywho, happy new year! ^^

    • Hi Island!

      Haha yea, well, over here Uni is called Undergraduate. It’s the 4 years in which you study for a Bachelor’s degree in something. And then Grad (or Graduate) school is where someone goes for the Master’s, Doctorate in something. It’s the equivalent of Law School or Med school but it’s for non-lawyers/doctors. I guess. Lolz.

      Online shopping is awesomeee. I don’t go it much, only on sites I really, really trust, but when I do, it’s pretty cool. : )

  2. You have other friends in Australia, Nhu-Y?? What is this treachery?!

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