Ơi…tình Bắc duyên Nam là duyên   2 comments

tình chung muôn đời ta đắp xây
– khúc hát ân tình

Began on Friday Jan. 15th, 2010. ——-

I’m still listening to this song. Practice for Tet starts tomorrow and I still have nothing in terms of choreo. Blah! I really wanted to get this done soon because we have so much to work on before I leave but, I can’t get anything down!

Eh, I’ll just wing it I guess. ::Worried!!::

My Lord it’s only 2:21!!! 40 more minutes and I get to leave. To go where though? Oh, just to the Learning Center….then home for about an hour and then off again to the Viet School….

I’m so tired today. I’m thinking about a lot, worried about a lot.

So today I hop into my car and drive to work because I woke up way late and didn’t wanna take the bus, so I drive to work and all feeling bad for having to drive because then I have to pay to park and all that shazz…so I park my car in the underground parking and I’m debating with myself on whether I should go to the cafe and get some breakfast because I’m kinda hungry, which leads me to thinking about how I’d have to take money out of my credit card which then brings me to the realization that….I left my jacket at home today. My jacket has an inside pocket….in which both my license and credit card sits snuggly. So I freak out a little bit…but Idk why because every now and then I do purposely drive without my license because I’m too lazy to bring it. So, I guess I’m not worried when I knowingly drive without my license but it’s not OK when I forgot it. ???? Well, maybe it was just the fact that I didn’t know that freaked me out. Anyway, I’ll try to not get pulled over while driving over to my brother’s school…but it’s really hard not to try and run those stupid high schoolers over sometimes…and then I’ll let him drive to the Learning Center and home. He needs the practice anyway.

Soooo, after I wrote up my New Year’s Resolutions, one of which being not to spend a lot of money or something like that, I went to Target and got a backpack. Picture here. Ignore that I forgot to update that thing last night. I had a weird day. Lolz. I’ll do it when I get home from the Learning Center tonight or something, Idk.

On Wednesday after work I went and picked up Dolores. We went around a bit because I needed to run some errands…One errand was for me, but I forgot what it was. Anyway, we dropped by Rite-Aid to drop off my brother’s prescription and ended up just waiting for it to be done. I bought two boxes of band-aids. A Pooh Bear one and a Dora one : ). And we bought candy, Haha, can’t help it! After that we went to Tyson’s and saw NINE there together. It was sooo good! I loved like…over half the songs, Lolz. I was talking to Otouto before I picked Dolores up and I told him we were going to watch NINE he told me all 17 of his girl friends who’d seen the movie (or whatever) said that it was a bad movie. First off, his friends are at least 5 years younger than me, they are not biologically or emotionally mature enough to enjoy that movie. It is a freaking awesome movie! It’s so awesome I’d want the DVD as a present…HINT HINT! Second off, I don’t think his friends have been through enough of life to fully enjoy the movie. Hell I don’t think they even understood the movie! Anyway, I enjoyed it very much, I’d see it again. Haha, after the movie Dolores and I kept singing “Beeee a singer…be a lover….BEEEEE ITALIAN!!!” I’m surprised people didn’t stop and stare. : )

So right outside the rooms in the theaters are these benches and behind the benches are these big posters of old movie scenes and stuff, and I decided to lay down on one of the benches and imitate a scene from the movie. EPIC FAIL! But it was still awesome. Dolores and I laughed ’till our tummies hurt.

Finally got the pic from Dolores.


Sadly, my leg actually went back farther than I thought it would, which is sad because this isn’t far back at all! : (

—–end edit—–

After the movie she and I walked around the mall because I needed to buy Hanna and Thuy their Bday presents. I wish I could’ve gotten them more but, I don’t have very much and I’m trying to save for my trip. No worries, once I’m in grad school and all that shizz and I’m financially stable, I’ll be the best present giver! EVER!

We left the mall and stopped by Grandmart on the way home to buy groceries for dinner. I love making fun of Dolores’ vegan-ness. I know, I’m an awesome friend! I do feel bad making her go to like…buffets with me and stuff because they hardly have anything she can eat, so I’m always content with just cooking something at home because we can cook it vegan and I can add my meat/fish afterwards. But it’s still fun teasing her, Idk why. Hopefully she won’t one day attack me with a vegetable. JK! Ha….yea….

Dolores ended up having to cook most of the dinner because I had to deal with Anthony, C. Mai’s nephew, as well as C. Mai because she dropped him off…late….as usual. C. Mai hung around because the punk had complained about us yelling at him, which we do, but that’s because he’s a dummy! I know, I is a biatch, but whatever, he’s getting better. And trust me, he wasn’t better before I yelled at him. Anyway, he managed to do well this lesson so I didn’t teach him for long and I didn’t bother getting pissed at him. Damn kids…

We cooked pasta with MUSHROOMS, love mushrooms….and Salmon for my part. If Dolores would just send me the freakin pictures!

A picture of the finished product.


Looks good don’t it? Tasted good too. : )

——end edit——

We got the main idea from a cookbook that my mom’s friend gave me, but I think we altered it a lot because we couldn’t find some of the ingredients. I’ll probably post the pics later but Idk if I’ll put up the recipe because Dolores cooked it, I just came in and poked the fish a few times….O and I flipped it! Yea.

After dinner we got ready for bed and settled in for a movie. Dolores just had to choose the least scary of all the choices I gave her, scaredy cat. I ended up falling asleep ten minutes into the movie, but Dolores stayed up a bit, so every now and then I would jolt away, look at the laptop, comment on how stupid the characters were and then went back to sleep. In other words, I was pretending to be awake and watching the movie. Ha! Dolores had no idea, she thought I was awake, she had noticed that I was sleepy but didn’t realize I was sleeping. MUAHAHAHA! I woke up again at around 1ish, realized Dolores had also fallen asleep, so just put the movie away and went to sleep for real. Woke up late, hung around, could’ve gone to work but just didn’t want to, so called in sick. Well, I was really sick, my nose was running and stuffy and I was coughing, but I guess I still coulda gone to work, I just didn’t want to. So we hung around the house for a bit, then I drove her home. : ( This might be the last time I see her before I leave because she’s going back to WilliamandMary tomorrow and she might not come back for Spring Break so…AH! O well, I told her I’ll probably be freaking out often as I get closer to leaving because of all the stuff I’ll have to do and she said she’s ready for my phone calls. At least, that’s what I think she said. Better be ready.

After I dropped Dolores off I went to my great-aunt’s house. I don’t like my great-aunt…pretty much AT ALL, but I like my cousins and my aunts, some, are OK. Mother was over there babysitting the little cousins for a few hours because their mom had to go somewhere and so I thought I’d come over and play with them since I figured no one else was home. Turns out people were home but, was OK. I played with the cousins, helped Mother do our laundry, chatted with two of the aunts, had lunch, and then went home.

While I was talking to one of the aunts, she told me that her son’s other grandmother told her to ask Otouto and I to give her son (our cousin) keyboard/piano lessons and the grandmother would pay for them. I was like, I’m free Sundays. I didn’t really say yes, but I didn’t say no either. So Aunt mentioned this to Mother and she was like “OOOO….OK.” Then later after I get home Mother calls me from work and goes “I don’t want you to give him lessons.” And then I go “Ok, why?” I thought it was a rather absurd request. DON’T give your cousin lessons even though they’re going to be paid for. So she goes on this rant about how she’s fed up with his family and his grandmother (not the one that wants the lessons, the one that’s my aunt’s mom, aka, my great-aunt, the lady I don’t like), and all that crap. So Mother keeps going “I don’t want you to give him lessons, I say NO, but you can decide what you want to do.” So yea, What the FUCK? Is that? She’s said NO, she literally called me to let me know that she does not want me to give lessons, and then she goes, but you decide. So what the hell? I can’t just say Yes, I’ll teach him, now can I? Motherfcker, so I got pissed and was like, whatever. I guess I’m not teaching him. Mother is such a…God I don’t fuckin understand her. Father loved Darren (my cousin). Cousin spent half his so far childhood with us. But because Mother is fed up with Darren’s grandmother, we can’t give Darren lessons. Mother says Darren’s grandmother will make us go over there and drive him and shizz but whatever. Has she ever heard…Um…No? She lets C. Mai boss Otouto and I around and shit, C. Mai randomly makes me come and pick up Anthony when she’s too busy to drive him and crap like that, C. Mai makes the most ridiculous requests of me and Otouto, but Mother puts up with that. She gets pissed at US when we don’t comply to C. Mai’s requests even though, who the hell is C. Mai to US? God! She jackin pisses me off!

Oop…time to pick up the brother. Back later tonight I guess.


So….we left GBLC early because they were just watching a movie. Now I’m about to go stuff dinner down Otouto’s throat and then get ready/leave for Viet Class. Last week Co Thu wasn’t there and so I taught on my own. It was pretty good, relatively. The kids didn’t know Co Thu’s name, but they knew me. : ) Which is weird because on the days Co Thu is at class, which has been every day until last week, I haven’t spoken much so, I don’t know how they know my name. I would say it’s from Youth Group but, only a few of the kids in Viet Class are in Youth Group. Eh, O well, it’s pretty awesome!

My room is the only room in the house that’s warm. Freezing house…..

I left for a few hours to go to Viet Class. Man….those people….Co Thu didn’t come again today, so I taught the kids again and I let them leave 10 minutes early. When the office people found out they gave me grief about it and told me I should keep the kids in class until 8:30PM even if the lesson ends early. So blah blah blah and so I’m like OK I’ll go get them then, as soon as I get out I see kids from Otouto’s class walkin around and turns out that his teacher let the kids out too. Well later I found out that Otouto’s class’ teacher actually meant to leave them in the class with him but one of the kids saw my kids so ran out and he just let them. But still, you know the office wouldn’t’ve given Cuong’s class’ teacher or Co Thu any grief about letting them early. Blah!

So the other day I found out that Bac Dung passed away. It kind of made me sad. It reminded me of my Pops. And, I liked Bac Dung. He always called and asked for an update on us, especially after Pops passed away. Well, Mother said at least they’re together now. Morbid? Maybe. But nice nonetheless.

I hate cancer. Fck that.


Eh, I’ve dragged this post on long enough. I’ll come back later with more info on the food Dolores and I made. Recipe’s uber easy and I have the pics to go with it. : )



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  1. You’re doing Penelope Cruz from “Nine,” Nhu-Y? That’s hot.

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