cùng góp bàn tay thương yêu nhau rồi   2 comments

ngô khoai hai mùa ngát một niềm vui
chung vui cho thêm hương đời lúa vàng tình ơi
– Khúc Hát Ân Tình

Yes, I’m still listening to that song. I’m still choreo-ing. >: (

I just bought some Girl Scout Cookies. : ( I know…what’s that Nhu-Y? What was that you said about saving money? I’M SORRY! I just can’t help it. First off, I can’t say no to my coworkers (She’s “selling” for her daughter) and secondly….those cookies are really good! I bought 1 box of Do-Si-Dos….I hope they’re good, haven’t had them before, 1 box of Dulce de Leches, I haven’t had those either but anything with caramel has to be good right? And 3 boxes of Thin Mints. Yes. 3 boxes. I’ll share! I swear….maybe.

Phooey Phooey! A few days ago my precious Macbook told me…(for the umpteenth time I suppose) that I’m out of memory. BLAH! No more posts on my 365unpaused.tumblr.com site because…well because I can’t upload any of my pictures. I need to buy an external harddrive for my Mac but I don’t know what’s good. I don’t want to move everything over to it and have it crash. Blah.

Last night Otouto was inducted into the National Honors Society. Yay for brother! Honestly, I don’t even remember if I went to my NHS Induction ceremony. I went to my NJHS one…but I don’t remember going to NHS’. I also didn’t go to any of the meetings or participate in any of the activities…because there were none! I hope it’s better for Otouto though, it usually is.

Ummerz…but wait…O right, so I was taking pictures of Otouto when he went on stage to receive his NHS certificate and my stupid camera effed up! At all the good moments too! And its reaction time was soooooooooooo slow. This is why I need a DSLR. I bet if I had a DSLR, I wouldn’t’ve wanted to throw my camera against a wall afterwards. I’ve also been researching those, Idk what to get. Blah. We’ll see.

This Saturday I have to drive myself and 5 other people to attend this class called “Protecting God’s Children,” or something like that, and it’s all the way in Stafford, Maryland. Goodie!

While browsing the net and not doing work, I happened upon this website: http://ravenouscouple.blogspot.com/

They have, the best recipes. As some of you may know, I looooooooooove to cook. Love to bake! If I could cook and bake to my heart’s content, this would be completely a food blog, but it’s not. Problem: My Mother won’t let me near the kitchen. After my father passed away, I began to notice that my Mother cooked less and less. I can’t even remember the last time she’s cooked a real dish for us. Maybe it was a few weeks ago? I’m not sure. She works nights, so she’s home in the morning until about 2PM. I have no freakin clue what she does with her time, but it’s not cooking for us. I don’t want to say that as a Mother she should…but I mean….shouldn’t she? Ok, I guess my main problem isn’t that my Mother doesn’t cook food for us anymore, it’s that not only is she not cooking, she won’t allow me to cook. She’s always making fun of me when I tell her I’m cooking something (so far only on her birthdays and stuff). And last year after I cooked for her birthday, she said “Next year let’s go out. Cooking at home is too much of a mess.” We cleaned up after ourselves! It was NOT a mess. Maybe she just didn’t like my food, who knows. I always cook American/European food because I’m always learning from the internet or from a cookbook, that’s because she doesn’t teach me anything that she’s cooking. She keeps telling me to focus on school, that there’s no need for me to go into the kitchen. Fine, I won’t go into the kitchen, if you cook. But you don’t cook…and Otouto and I have to eat, so let me in the kitchen. Argh, it annoys me to no end. Reed and I talked about it before and we think it might be a power struggle issue. Maybe more on that later. Who knows.

Whatever. Once I move out and have a kitchen of my own, I’ll cook my own food. And I’ll use RavenousCouple’s site to learn off of. Mother insists that when I’m older she’ll teach me. I’m freakin 21, how much older is old enough to start learning how to cook? Geezuz. Whatever, this topic is just annoying me.

I wish I had more food posts for you guys but, Mother always uses the same excuses over and over. It’s too messy. You’re fat enough already. Don’t worry about cooking, just study. Well, Otouto and I always clean up after ourselves. I know, but if you would just let me cook, I’d know more about portioning and not eat so much! I can’t study when I’m hungry!!!

Ok that was completely random. But, I won’t be moving out until at the very earliest, I graduate undergrad which isn’t until next year. So I hope the RavenousCouple blog stays on for a few more years until I’ve learned their recipes. Lolz!

Um what else….Yesterday I stayed home from work and managed to do some paperwork. I still have to recertify our leasing though. That’s gonna take awhile. Ew.

I signed up to help out with the Yearbook that TN is coming out with this summer. Apparently we’re supposed to have our collage pages done by this Saturday. First time I heard about it was a few weeks ago. And, we’re supposed to upload it to this website that hasn’t been given to us. Man these people are unorganized. Chryst.

I bought my plane ticket two days ago. Nervous. Scared. One step closer. Well, at least I’ll be able to cook over there. : )

Eh, enough rambles. Chya!


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  1. Sara knows a bit about cameras; she has a truly fancy one. Ask her about DSLRs while she’s home and working at the office. I think you and she have lunch plans at some point?

    Also, external hard drives tend to be pretty reliable, so just buy one from a real company and get started on actually having space on your computer again! Silly girl. In the mean time, why don’t you just upload photos from one of your other computers? I’m sure you have a reason, but I don’t know what it is.

    I MISS YOU, NHU-Y!!!

  2. Hi Nhu Y, Thank you so much for emailing us! It’s comments like yours that we really enjoy reading…..we’re not that much older than you, you know and didn’t really start cooking seriously until several years ago..so don’t feel left behind! We cook because we love Vietnamese food, but also because you can learn about the culture through the food as well. Continue to cook and learn –in secret if you have to–most of the recipes don’t take long at all, just a bit of planning. Start with the simple stuff, like ga kho or even bun rieu 🙂 Best of luck and hope you comment often!

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