giữa mênh mông hoa mặt trời   2 comments

trải dài cuối chân đồi phía xa,
ngồi bên anh mãi không rời,
bình yên nghe hương thơm cỏ cây.
– đồi hoa mặt trời

—–the other day—-
My co-workers are shooting rubber bands at each other….And laughing heartily about it.

My boss’ boss just said to somebody “You’ve obviously never had rubber band fights as a child!”

I love this place.


—-stuff actually written today…man do i procrastinate—————-

The other morning was an epic fail. So I was lounging around on the computer when I happened to look down and noticed that one of my decals (the sticker you stick on your license plates) was on the floor. Picked it up and looked around for the second one. I distinctly remember putting them both together on my desk before I went to bed. I searched for that piece of shazz for 2 hours. Well….maybe more like an hour and a half or something, and I could not for the life of me find it! Mother came in and helped me search for it too. I was getting so impatient and upset! It’s a freakin sticker, where the heck could it have gone! So when I finally decided to give up, my Mother starts changing my sheets. She pulls off my bed covers and…WHAM, there it was, the sticker. Mother goes “THERE IT IS!” Which scared the crap out of me, so we just kinda stand there and look at it. Because how the hell did it get there, honestly! I don’t even sleep on that side of the bed, Pooh does! And so you might think, well maybe it got stuck to Pooh and then somehow fell off a foot below where Pooh was, but Pooh hadn’t left the bed that day (that I’d known of). I thought, maybe it got stuck on me and then fell off on the bed, but I don’t sleep on that side of the bed, if it had gotten stuck on me, wouldn’t it’ve fallen off on my side of the bed??

When Mother was helping me search for the damned sticker, she said “Where’ve you hidden it old man?” Refering to my Father. You know, the one who passed away 2 years ago! And I was thinking to myself, that ain’t fckin funny woman.

I still don’t understand how the sticker got from my desk to under my covers on a side of the bed I don’t sleep/roll on under where Pooh sleeps. Who knows, maybe Pooh decided to play a joke on me. Or maybe that thing that lives in my room, under my bed, BOB did it!

I don’t like weird things.

I think I’m going to do more short blogs and less of the saving a bunch of stuff up so that I can write a really long and confusing and laborious post. It’s just that I’ve gotten so much into the habit of using song lyrics as blogpost titles that I get lazy having to look up lyrics all the time. I mean, I could just type out the song lyrics as I’m listening to them, but that means there wouldn’t be accents. I guess that’s not too bad. Whatev, we’ll see.

You know….there was more….but I don’t care for it all right now. Later, maybe.



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2 responses to “giữa mênh mông hoa mặt trời

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  1. Of course it was BOB, Nhu-Y. Don’t be daft.

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