mais lui il s'en fout bien, mais lui il dort tranquille   2 comments

il n’a besoin de rien
il a trouvé son île
une île de soleil et de vagues de ciel
et il pleut sur Bruxelles
– il pleut sur bruxelles

The other day I was on Facebook and I saw that one of my friends joined some group about needing a few thousand people so that Facebook won’t start to charge money to be used. Seriously, seriously? Is there anyone out there who can honestly say that Facebook has somehow touched their lives so much so that they’d die if they had to stop using it because it started charging money? I mean sure, I’ve “found” and have been “found” by various people that I hadn’t spoken to since middle/high school, but you know what? After they “found” me on Facebook, the status was the same. I still haven’t talked to them since middle/high school. Because they’d add me and not say anything! It’s like “O hey, I’m alive. Glad you’ve alive. Yay.” But in fewer words, no words most of the time. I guess yes, it’s interesting to know what people are up to through their statuses, but if you’re close enough to that person to understand what their statuses mean, you can probably just IM them or text or call them. Hell, half the time I can’t even understand people’s statuses. And for those who are so into statuses, get a Twitter. Honestly! I’m not condoning Facebook, heck I’m pretty much obssessed with it, the games. Yes, I is a nerd. My Cafe World rating hasn’t gone up in weeks! WEEKS I tell you! But, if I had to start paying for Facebook, I’d just quit. I’d find some other game to play. How about finishing the new MySims and Cake Mania DS games I forced Otouto to get me, how about reading the book I keep putting off? How about playing some Dynasty Warriors to get out some anger, how about taking advantage of that Wii sitting in my room? How about watching all the films that Reed sent me?

Yes, maybe, possibly, I would “lose touch” with a lot of people. Well, ya know what? Those people don’t have any idea what’s going on in my life. I bet they don’t even care! So what’s the big deal with losing touch with them? How about spending more time with Otouto and teaching him more about responsibility so I can have less standing outside in the cold lecturing him over the phone because I don’t want people in the nail salon to think I’m going crazy? How about forcing Otouto to talk to me more so I don’t have to feel unprepared to take care of him? How about taking the time to email the real, important, special people in my life and telling them about my day. How about releasing some of my ranting needs onto my blog? How about taking more time to research cameras and harddrives and Cricut Cartridges? HOW about doing the paperwork to renew our lease on our apartment? How about playing my violin more? How about playing my keyboard more? How about learning how to read Bass Clef so I don’t have to watch Youtube videos to learn how to play my keyboard? How about making more cards? How about scrapbooking more so I don’t feel like I’m losing my memories? How about studying and reviewing my French? My Chinese? How about learning some Japanese so I’m not completely lost in two months? How about excercisng more so I can feel better about myself? How about making a layout for my dance group’s blog so that it feels more about us? How about sending out emails to make sure everyone on the dance group’s mailing list is actually still in the dance group? How about choreograping more so I don’t feel rushed and guilty on Saturdays during dance practice? How about taking walks? How about learning how to ride a bike so I have a means to get around in Japan?

How about…taking the time to live life, and not worry or even think that there’s a chance that you might have to pay to keep up with the lives of the tens of people you don’t know, of the tens of people who are on your friend’s list but you still haven’t spoken to since middle school/high school, even though THEY added YOU? How about taking the time to enjoy a quiet few moments with your friends, your family, your loved ones, instead of joining groups about hating peanut butter or loving to hit people with backpacks when they walk to slow, or becoming fans of an actor/actress that you haven’t seen in a film for years? How about, padding your life with things you like to do, things you should do or things you need to do, instead of wasting hours tagging pictures of people who say “hi” to you every few weeks, instead of writing notes answering random questions and then tagging people who won’t do the same, or who will answer the random questions but not mention you in them, like you’d wanted?

How’s about taking a break?


Note to self: I’ll remove this later but if I don’t put it now, I’ll forget:

When get home from work, write this on FB status:

I’m taking a break. If you want to stay in touch with me, email me: gee.nhuyntu at gmail dot com. Or AIM me: ocommejetaime. If you wanna see random senseless thoughts: geenhuy on Twitter. If you wanna see what’s up with life (but also risk reading something terrible about yourself): If you just need a short day-to-day pictured update of my life: Wanna see my pics or pics of you that I took (like a stalker)? Email me for my Picasa. Maybe I’ll talk to you soon.

Wait a week for people to have to read and take in the status. Then shut down account.

: ) We’ll see how this goes.


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2 responses to “mais lui il s'en fout bien, mais lui il dort tranquille

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  1. As I was reading this, I thought to myself that you were making some excellent, beautiful points, but toward the end I started to think, “Well, if at this point, free Facebook is taking up so much of her life already, why is she using the possibility of having to pay for it as her only excuse to quit? Why doesn’t she just up and quit it now? This is getting less poignant and more self-indulgent.”

    Then, bam, at the very end, you reached the very same conclusion and made this post something really special.

    I should remember never to underestimate you and your insight.

    • You should just repeat over and over to yourself that I is Awesome. I as in Nhu-Y, is as in Nhu-Y is, and Awesome as in OMG OUT OF THIS WORLD!……………………what……..?

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