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I hate WordPress themes! They’re all so bulky and boxy and…ooglyyy!!

I think I might change my blog hosting site again. Lolz. I don’t think I’d want to go back to Blogger because…that’s just way so outdated! Even though they have the best layouts.

I considered going back to Xanga so I rummaged through my ancient emails and found my usernames. I went through and scanned two blogs that I had on Xanga in 2006 and 2007. I honestly think I was a better writer then. Haha. I didn’t capitalize shizz, but I…wrote well. I’d have to say. Lolz. I think nowadays I’m so obsessed about sounding grammatically correct that I can’t get any of my thoughts in. Go figure.

AHHH, for some reason, WordPress to me is like, a really “professional” site. Even the personal blogs are professional in nature. My blog posts are in no way professional. Haha. Even when I do get a “professional” career…my blogs will still not be professional! All the things I feature on here…my thoughts, cards, food…all belong on a hosting site like Blogger. But Idk, for some reason Blogger just seems so archaic to me.

I would switch back to Xanga, because for some reason, even though I noticed that I used to be really, really bitchy back then (AND STILL AM NOW!), I really want all my blogs from 2006 and 2007 to mesh in with my current blog. I don’t know. It’s weird. I used to make so many different blogs because I wanted to escape from my past. I wanted a new start. I would always make a new blog either when school started (because it was the beginning of the new school year) or at the beginning of the real year, so on New Year’s. I mean, I had Xangas…multiple…way before 2006…but hell, I can’t find them. Lolz. Or I might’ve deleted them or something. Man…now I’m kind of preoccupied with finding my old blogs from like…middle/early high school. Haha, Idk why. Geezuz I tried to run from my past so much before, now I want it back? Go figure. Eh, but anyway, it turns out I can’t import blogs. So…I can’t mesh all my found old blogs with this one (not on Xanga anyway…Maybe I can mesh them on here…but that defeats the purpose of finding better themes!)…and I don’t like any of my old usernames, and to change it, I’d need to pay $10. Hell to the no. Whatever, we’ll see.



Posted February 11, 2010 by .unpaused. in Musings, Quickie

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