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ngay yeu anh em da hua nhung gi?
la long em se mai trao,
trao ve anh, luon co anh,
le nao gio em lang quen
– anh khong hieu

Just checked on the status of my order.

Status: In Transit – On Time
Scheduled Delivery Date: 02/22/2010

YAY! So who’s wondering what I ordered?

I’ll tell you!

(Credit: uncrate.com)

: ) YUP! I bought a Nikon D5000. In the last post I mentioned how all the big pictures were taken using Thuy’s Nikon D3000, she kind of influenced me to get a DSRL. I thought about it, weighed the possibilities, and decided on the D5000. My second choice is the Canon Rebel XSi. Hopefully everything goes smoothly with the D5000. I’m kind of anxious and am kind of ready to ship it back in exchange for the XSi, but I really don’t want to, so I hope it works well and all that!

I realize that I hardly take pictures nowadays and stuff, but that’s partially because my camera is crappy. I used to bring it to all the events and stuff, but recently it takes forever to focus and take the pictures. It doesn’t listen to me and changes functions even as I’m holding it still. So I hate taking pictures of people and have my camera crap up – which it does, often. I also hate missing moments. I thought I was going to throw my camera or something when I was trying to take pics of Brother during his NHS Induction ceremony. I tired to take pictures as he was walking across the stage, it wouldn’t take ANY! It decides to take the picture as he’s going off the stage, I don’t want that!

So anyway, I’m excited about my purchase. Hopefully it comes in one piece and works excellent. Nervous but fingers crossed!!

Sooooo the bosses are throwing me a going away party. : ) They made this cute little announcement and pinned it up in the kitchen and everything. I love it. They asked me about it so that they could decide a date, so it’s not a surprise, but I’m glad because I want to prepare myself. If it was a surprise I might find myself crying or something. Lolz. I’m going to miss the people here. I know, I’ll be back in just a few months, but still. Pat and Auntie Laurie are going to buy me my luggage. Pat also told me to look for a nice tote that I can use as a carry-on. Apparently on the day of the party they’re going to have a “Stuff the Tote” thing where people can just get me stuff to put in there. I think it’s a wonderful idea, I’m excited!

What else now? Well, the other day I went to Mason to pick up my Certificate of Eligibility. I’ll be going to the Japanese Embassy sometime next week to apply for my Visa.

I also got a course list that I’m allowed to take over in Japan. Problem is that the list doesn’t have any descriptions of the courses. So I can’t really get anything done. I’m kind of worried about the Petition for Transfer of Credits form that I have to get ten thousand (…5, really) people sign and that’s due next Friday. Even though it’s due next Friday…they haven’t given us the course descriptions yet so I can’t get anything signed! After I get the descriptions, I have to actually meet with all these professors and see if they’ll even sign the form, they might not. Blah! This part is the worst. Ah well. If I manage to pass by that obstacle, the only thing left is…packing, really. Lolz.

I met my third program officer. Yes, in my whole time dealing with the Japan Direct Exchange program at Mason, I’ve gone through three program officers, because they keep switching them! Anyway, this one told me to get my Visa BEFORE I book my plane tickets. Problem? Already booked my ticket. But, the Japanese contact knew I’d already booked my ticket long before he sent the paperwork to get the Visa done so, it can’t be that big a deal, can it? Gah! Worried now.

Welpz, I’ve set up an appt. with one of the professors for Monday. I really hope that the course descriptions come by then otherwise we’d have nothing to talk about. Dammit.

Annoyed with TN people. As usual. Haha. Actually I’m probably not going to get into detail about it. I’ll just mention that…it doesn’t seem as if we’ll be promoted anytime soon. Apparently A. Phong wanted us to be promoted and receive our Leader scarves by the end of February because the first week of March is when they’re voting for the new council. You have to be a legit Leader to vote. So he wanted that all done by then. Of course them saying they want something done means nothing. I’ve been pushing for this as hard as I can but it’s not gotten anywhere and honestly, I’m done dealing with them people. Actually, being promoted to a Leader is not in any way advantageous to us, at all. We don’t get anything. There are absolutely NO advantages. So why do I keep pushing for it? Well, two things. 1) I feel like I pushed Thuy and Tina kinda hard to go to the training thing in GA, and I feel bad if they don’t go up and, more importantly, get reimbursed for that trip. 2)…I’ve quit Youth Group before. Many, many times! But I’ve always come back. That’s because I was young, I really had nothing to do. Now, I’m not young anymore. I can find something else to do. If I were to quit, I probably wouldn’t come back. And so, I wanted to receive my scarf before I left for Japan cuz I was afraid that while I was away, I would realize that I really don’t need Youth Group. I mean, obviously I don’t need it, but, I was afraid that I would finally understand that life is better without it, and I wouldn’t come back. I was hoping that the scarf receiving ceremony would kind of remind me why I wanted to go to Youth Group every week. I was hoping that if the other Leaders just did their job, maybe I can keep eluding myself that they’re not so bad, and I would be able to come back from Japan with a desire to continue coming to Youth Group. But, that’s not happening. If anything, all my pushing for this ceremony has actually highlighted how irresponsible some people are, how inconsiderate and disrespectful. Haha, I was hoping this experience would help me re-dedicate myself to Youth Group, but it’s really pushed me farther. I can honestly say that if I were to quit, the only thing I’d feel bad about is the kids.

Maybe you’re thinking, well maybe you’re not promoted because you’re not allowed/eligible/ready. But nope. We went to the training in Georgia. We did all the after camp homework and more. Their excuses were literally “When we have time we’ll deal with it.” Ah, whatever. I don’t want to get into that, it’ll just get too confusing. Lolz. Anyway, I just wanted to point out that although I’m saying it’s a “promotion” to become a Leader, it’s really nothing like that. It’s probably the complete opposite of any kind of promotion.

For the voting for the new council thing, A. Phong wants us to go to a sleepover to prepare ourselves, I guess. I really, really don’t want to go! But I said I would….and I guess I might as well but…Gosh what a waste of time it’s going to beeeee. Esp. since they’re being a wishy washy on promoting us, will we even be “legit” Leaders by then? If not, we’re not allowed to vote, so there’s no point in going to the sleepoever! Bah phooey!

On kind of the same note, a month ago C. KP called me two days asked me to be in charge of the Parents’ meeting that Saturday. I probably ranted about it before. I was a freakin wreak, thought I was going to barf or something. I hate speaking to parents! Thank god the meeting got canceled last minute because not enough parents come, and it got postponed until this Saturday (tomorrow). I thought I was off the hook, that C. KP would be there to take care of the meeting. Nope, just called me less than an hour ago asking me to do it again. Fine, whatever. S’what I’m around for really. I mean, I like C. KP, she’s nice and all, but honestly all I’m around for is to pick up everyone’s slack.

Gah…there’s not really much I can do. They are who they are. I’m intrigued to see how they’ll run this place while I’m away. I mean, obviously, I haven’t been Youth Group Leader forever (technically I’m not even one now!) and obviously this place was run well enough before I even went up or anything. But still, I’d just like to see how everything’s going to be while I’m gone. Maybe if it’s sooooooo bad or somehow soooooo good I won’t (have) to come back at all! To Youth Group I mean. Lolz.

Ummm, I feel like there was something else. There probably is, many things, but I’m too tired to get into it. Tomorrow have to go to dance practice and B-S some shizz. More about that later, maybe!

P.S. I made a new blog completely dedicated to my “travels.”

Gee’s Travels <— Go check it out! I haven’t posted much so far but I will get to it!

As a side note since I’m kind of bringing up the subject, you can also find me at these places!

Deviant Art – tubearblncz



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