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từ trong sâu thẳm Shakespeare tạo ra
hai nửa tình yêu
– hai nửa tình yêu

So I made some cards today : )

A Birthday card for Trinh. : )

Thank you card! I had to hand write the “Thank You” because I didn’t have a stamp that fit. Blah!

Birthday card for Reed’s younger brother.

I….absolutely LOVEEE this card for some reason. It’s so “antique-qy” lookin, right??!!

Cards to be sent out/given tomorrow.

So obviously Trinh’s card I’m giving her tomorrow. The other cards are all addressed and ready to be sent through the mail tomorrow morning! The bottom three cards are cards that Reed ordered. Birthday cards to his brother, grandma, and a Valentine’s Day card to Sara (Note to self: I is an idiot and deleted all the pictures I took of Sara’s card [as well as Tina’s]. Remember to ask them to take pics of the card and send to me after they get them). Yea I know, I is dumb.

Then the other two cards; one I’m sending to the donor of the Scholarship I got and the other is a random card for Tina. YAY! Heehee. Making cards relaxes me. : ) Imma make more soon. I have tons to make before I leave, ah!



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