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dung de nhung an tinh,
nhat phai theo tieng mua roi ngoai kia…
– mot lan thoi

I really should listen to my list of “50 Ways to Limit Stress,” or whatever it’s called, and write things down. During the day I’m always thinking of things I need/want to do and then as soon as I go home, I forget! And then before bed I’m laying there thinking, CRAP I was supposed to do this and that.

Made a card the other day! It was for Kevin’s birthday : )


After I made the card, Otouto and I headed up to Di Lan’s house to hang out with Kevin and Christine for the day.

Otouto drove there.


I figured out, late unfortunately, that I could finally sit and stretch my legs.


I could never do it while Mother’s driving. I don’t like sitting in the front while she’s driving anyway. And I used to do it sometimes when Pops drove but it didn’t last. Something about it being dangerous. Hee. I like the last position best, my feet are snug against the corner so they don’t move around. And the hot/cold air (depending on season) could blow straight into my legs and I wouldn’t get cold/hot!

After we got to Di Lan’s we played a few games. I SKYPEed briefly with Reed.

We didn’t mean to be having the almost same expressions/positions.
YUMMM PIZZA! Poor Reed, doesn’t get real food in Australia. : (

So we played Pepsi. I hadn’t ever played it before, but I remember one time going with my older half-brother somewhere and I think he and his friends were playing the game. But after watching a bit and not getting it, I ended up doing something else. I finally get what it was they were playing. Anyway, we played two games and the second game we almost won. I swear we yelled BUST at the same time as the other team yelled PEPSI but, they were louder so, whatever. Lolz.

Played some Mario Kart. : )

Then cut cake!

I heart Kevin and Christine. They’re like my extra siblings. Lolz.

(Oh, Kevin is the guy sitting down, obviously. But Christine…Idk where she is, I don’t see her in the pics.)

So we ended up leaving at about 7ish and I drove home. It was quicker going home, always is.

It was a fun day but I got tired after the Wii. Haha.

I noticed that some men…can be really, really patient. I swear there must be a “Patience Gene” installed into C. Hien’s husband. I would’ve gotten annoyed if I were a boy and my wife wouldn’t answer me when I was asking her what she wanted to eat and drink and crap. Like, I’m pretty sure she didn’t say anything to him at all the whole time I was there. But he just got her food, got her drink, got her situated, played with us. She wasn’t mad at him, because if she was like that because she was mad, then she must be mad at him all the time, at least all the times I’ve been with them. C. Hien isn’t mean or anything, she just has…a unique personility. I like her but sometimes I feel bad for her husband. Lolz. Same thing with my aunt and uncle sometimes. Wow…men.

So, as I mentioned in the previous post, my camera came! I took some pictures with it last night. I need to figure out how to use it though. It’s doing something where I’m trying to take a picture really, really close up, and it won’t focus (which probably means it’s too close) but it won’t let me take the picture at all either. Idk if that’s supposed to happen. I’ll just take a day or so to read the manual through and see. Yes, I read manuals.

There was something else I was planning on writing about. But I think I’ll save it for next time because it’s lunch time and I’m hungry! So maybe in a later post.

Chya people!


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