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nay tình ta tuy xa anh đã không đau lòng – không cần dối gian

My order of Girl Scout Cookies came in! Every year one of my co-workers helps her daughter sell Girl Scout Cookies, and I always buy. I just can’t say no to people (and cookies!!)! So I bought 3 boxes of Thin Mints, 1 box of Do-Si-Dos and 1 box of Dulce de Leches. Don’t worry, I’ll share!

I’ve already opened the box of Do-Si-Dos and Dulce de Leches. I just couldn’t help it! I’ve never had them before so I really wanted to try them. Last year I bought a few boxes of…the cookie with chocolate, caramel, and coconut. Sounds yummy right? Well, they weren’t (Looked ’em up, they’re called Samoas…they suck! So dry and gross…). So I really needed to try the Do-Si-Dos and Dulce de Leches to convince myself I hadn’t made a mistake. I’m convinced. They’re so good! The Do-Si-Dos, so crunchy, so peanut buttery! The Dulce de Leches, my Lord I wish you guys could’ve smelt the smell that flew out of the box when I first opened it….HEAVENNNNNNN!!! Yay for Girl Scout Cookies Cravings!!!

I stayed up until 1AM this morning to French my nails. I am tired. But my nails are nice! Well, they’re actually not that great. They look quite decent from far away, but the thing I like is that now my tips seem a lot stronger. They -feel- stronger, not so much like they’re about to break any second, which is how they usually feel. I won’t take a picture, because it’s ooogly, but I will say I love it!

Yesterday someone from the Financial Aid Office at Mason called and inquired about my lack of being registered for any classes, so I had to explain the situation to her. She told me that my financial aid could be “whacked,” her word exactly. So I need the Program Officer to hurry and send me a copy of my Petition so that I can fax it to Financial Aid but, that’s not going to happen anytime soon, because why would it?

I think this study abroad this is the worst decision of my life, so far. I know, I know, I’ll enjoy it more after I’m done with all this administrative crap but, there’s still the chance that I could go over to Japan and not be registered for any classes over there. So actually I won’t be able to relax until the week of March 28th, which is when orientation starts and they’ll tell us if we’re lucky and got into actual classes that have been cleared for credit by Mason, or if we’re screwed! Yay for not knowing what the hell is happening in your life.

dau chi la giac mo em xin mo hoai…cuoi con duong nang len cho anh den…den khi nao tren the gian mat troi ngung sang loi em di ve, anh mat nay, doi tay nay, mai thuoc ve nhau… – ngoi nha hanh phuc (thuy tien).

I likes the song.

So…I’m reading over these emails being sent out by…I’m just going to say her name right out…C. Mai, and it kind of grosses me out. I feel kind of like throwing up. I just cannot believe how anyone can be some…fake and hypocritical, especially when they’re leveled so high. My goodness it really makes me nauseous to read her emails because she’s telling us to be like this and that and to be a youth group leader, for the future of the youth group and crap and it’s like…DUDE YOU ARE NOT ANY THESE THINGS!! How can you send out an email detailing all the crap a youth group leader has to be when you yourself, supposed to be the prime example of a good youth group leader, break all those characteristics ALL THE TIME!?

Ok…rant over.


Ok, rant is not over. Mondays through Thursdays Otouto and I tutor Anthony, C. Mai’s nephew. I might’ve talked about it before. Anyway, we get paid $10 an hour. We’re only to tutor him for an hour, but because C. Mai is C. Mai, we’re also supposed to feed the kid and let him play. So basically, we babysit him. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I tutor Teddy for an hour (violin). His parents drive him here, and either stay and wait in the living room or if they have errands they’ll go run them, but they’re always back within the hour to pick him up. Clean and easy. Now that I’m going away, the plan is to let Otouto tutor Teddy until I come back, so that he doesn’t lose his momentum over the summer, cuz he’s doing extremely well. Well, I found out from Teddy’s mother, that yesterday she was talking to C. Mai and C. Mai kept questioning her about Teddy’s lessons. (This is confidential, that’s why I’m telling it on my blog. Shhh don’t tell!) What’s going to happen since I’m leaving? Reply: “Otouto” will continue tutoring him. Does she know that “Otouto” is underaged? Where is he going to be taught? In the living room or in the “back”? Do Teddy’s parents stay or do they just drop him off and leave? Well first off, how, when, and where we tutor other kids is none of C. Mai’s goddamn business. So C. Mai wants to point out that Otouto is underaged? And? What does she mean by that? He’s giving Teddy a 1-hour lesson, he’s not babysitting him like he’s babysitting her nephew. If she’s worried that Otouto is underaged and giving lessons, then she should be worried about her nephew staying hours at our house being babysat. Also, Teddy’s parents have only dropped him off at our house and gone to run errands two or three times in all the lesson times, and as I’ve said before, they’ve always come back on time. She always brings Anthony late and then picks him up late. She has no sense of time and/or respect for our personal lives at all. So who the hell is she to question whether or not Teddy’s parents stay with him during lesson when she herself just drops him off and leaves him with us?! Then, C. Mai asked Co Nhu La how much she pays me for the 1 hour long lessons, and so Co Nhu La told her, at which point C. Mai just went…Oh….because you know what? Co Nhu La, I’m just going to say it, pays me $30 an hour for a violin lesson. Twice a week. That’s $60 a week. So, basically, Co Nhu La pays me $30 to teach her son a violin lesson that lasts 1 hour. If I feel that I want to continue a little more, it’s my decision, but she or her husband is always there at the 1 hour mark to take their kid off my hands. Like I said, nice and clean. C. Mai pays Otouto $10 to tutor her nephew for 1 hour, but because the kid is slow we end up tutoring him for longer, as well as feeding him and letting him play on our computers and game stations. So I guess that shut her up. But apparently she told Co Nhu La that they should talk. I fuckin swear, if C. Mai loses me Co Nhu La’s business, I’m going to be effin pissed. And if she thinks that we’ll still tutor her nephew after she takes away Co Nhu La’s business, she must be jackin herself. Excuse me for the language but eff her. The only reason we have continued tutoring Anthony is because we like his parents. C. Mai might be a biatch but Anthony’s parents are really nice. Anyway, Co Nhu La said that she thought maybe C. Mai might just be trying to stir things up or something but she wasn’t sure, and she seemed kind of unsure about the whole thing. Otouto and I have said already though that Anthony’s not important time-wise to us. He’s always at our place for hours, we can tutor him at any time within those few hours. And, we do need the money. Because Otouto is Anthony’s main Tutor, he gets paid the money while I get paid Teddy’s money because I’m actually Teddy’s tutor. Technically while I’m away we could just drop anything because Otouto would be tutoring Teddy and getting the money for that, and he can continue tutoring Teddy for the summer and stop once school starts, because Mother was going to make him stop tutoring at all anyway to focus on school. At that point the only thing we feel bad about is actually Anthony and Anthony’s parents.

Anyway, I’m so pissed at C. Mai. Not just for the reason I mentioned but for a lot of other reasons too. I guess she’s just used to controlling people. It’s actually pretty obvious that she is. Whatever, I guess I’ll just see what happens. If something goes down while I’m away, I am not afraid to Skype/Email-Bitch her.

Whatev. I have too many other things to worry about than her. I hope she’s content involving herself into other people’s lives but if she messes mine up, she’s got another thing coming.


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  1. I love samoas. You’re a dork.

    • SAMOAS SUCK! Man if I’d known you loved Samoas, I would’ve given you the 3…or was it 4….boxes that Cuong and I wouldn’t eat…

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