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nhe ru em mai mai – khi xa nhau

My list of things to do before leaving for work later in the morning:

1. Scholarship essay
2. Renew scholarship online
3. Put package together
4. Letter/Card/Package to Juan
5. Package memory card
6. Change blog address
7. Pack for sleepover
8. Make Co Minh Card

(—edit— I’ve never actually done everything I need to do…Yay for finishing things!)

And tomorrow:

1. Look up addresses to ACF, UPS, Hospital
2. Drop off scholarship stuff
3. Mail packages
4. Visit Co Minh after work
5. Pick Catherine up and go to sleepover

I’m about to get ready to start on all the stuff I have to do but before then, my idiot ass just had to go on Dramabeans to check for any random news and lo and behold, the recap of the next Woman Who Still Wants to Marry episode is up. So of course I can’t really concentrate on my work until I’ve read that. Yay for distractions!


Posted March 5, 2010 by .unpaused. in Life, Quickie

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