nhe nhang roi xuong cung anh duong chieu nay   Leave a comment

lang tham con gio ua vao lan toc may
noi buon van the khong con hien len chut du am nao
de gio day giac mo da chim sau
– hay la mot ky niem

The weather is soo nice today! I took my sweet, sweet time walking down to the cafe next door and back. To buy my boss her weekly dose of gummy bears. : )

So yesterday after work I dropped by Target. Bought some shampoo…I love Target. They actually had O.P.I. and Essie nail polish. I’ve never bought such expensive nail polish. I figured, I always need a light pink for when I’m feeling too calm to rock the blues and greens, and the O.P.I. top and base coat will hopefully last me all summer over in Japan. Also got a green scrubber thingy…and a green water bottle! I love green things. O! You know why else I like Target?? Well, I was walking through their office stuff aisles, and found some scrapbooking stuff. They had a lot more interesting cardstock than at A.C.Moore. There wasn’t a lot in quantity but, there were a lot of different things I hadn’t seen before. I ended up passing on the cardstock packs but for some reason I feel like I’m going to go back there, maybe at the end of the summer. I did, however, buy myself a corner rounder punch, YAY! I’ve already made use of it on the two cards I made last night.

So…my going away party for work is this Thursday. Idk man…I’m kinda nervous, I’m not very good with speeches. I should start thinking about that right now actually, if I don’t want to end up sounding like a blubbering idiot at my own party. Speaking of the party…so my bosses were going to buy me a luggage thingy as well as a tote bag. Well, the luggage has arrived, it actually came last week, it’s so cool looking. Lolz. The tote bag…the website we were ordering stuff off of ran out of the bag I wanted, so my boss made my other boss look around for it and that boss found it but in a different pattern on Amazon. So she confirmed with me that I liked it, which I did, and so she bought it. While that was happening, my boss, the first one, went out and bought me a tote bag from…some store. So now…I have two. Lolz. The one that my second boss bought through Amazon will be “stuffed” at the going away party, but I get to keep both and decide which to use for what. I might just use the Amazon bag as a book bag when I get over there, it looks like it’d make a good book bag, whereas the one from the department store is a nice bag…It’d be a good bag, bag. Heeee. Man….I heart this place…..

On another note….I went to Dunkin Donuts this morning before work. Got myself a Chipotle Chicken…so effin good.

Now working on a project that I’ve been working on for months. It’ll be done by Friday…I hope. Well, it kinda has to be because on Monday the people presenting the project are going to be on a plane to the function so, it kinda has to be done at the end of this week. Yay.

Regional Retreat this weekend. I really don’t want to look forward to anything, it’s so blah.

I came in late today, as I usually do, but since I need money I’m actually going to try and put in the 7 hours everyday until I leave which means….I have to stay until 5 today. Ah! Goodyyy….



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