de chinh em day hieu rang   Leave a comment

chi co rieng em ngo nhan
nhung phut giay em ben anh gio nay hoang toan, xa tay voi
– ngay buon nhat

Dammit. I just wrote a long butt email to the contact at Momoyama, and my dumb arse self closed the window instead of minimizing it. ARGH! I can’t remember what I wroteeee!

Ok, managed to make up something relative as good as the one I wrote before.

You know….I swear the people in the office are talking about me….Lolz….but…they can’t be, they’re talking way too loudly to be discussing me…Idk! Haha.

Exactly two weeks from now I willl be…..on a plane to Los Angeles. Then on a plane to Korea. Then, on a plane to Japan. Wow. Two weeks. That’s, pretty incredible…

I’m going to try and make my last two weeks here as chill and calm as I can. There are things I’m worried about, things happening, things that need to get done before I leave, but there’s no point in stressing or obsessing over it. I’m just going to let everything flow however it wants to flow and whatever happens, happens. Honestly, it’s probably because I’m just too tired to deal. Haha. So I won’t deal.


P.S. I might, I know Reed, you’re gonna hate me, get rid of my 365. Or at least, not update it as regularly as the title warrants. I just couldn’t keep up. One long break and I just got lazy. I think I might try to change the webaddress and title of my 365 and make it a real Tumblr, just a place where I can post things I like, random thoughts. I think making it a “365” might’ve actually limited my posting at some points, which bored me. Sometimes I’d find something cool or interesting but Oh, the picture wasn’t taken by me so I didn’t want to fool anyone and post it, and, I’d already posted something for the day, so I couldn’t post something more. So, we’ll see how it goes.

Chya for real.

Later today: Finish Reed’s Card Order, Finalize all the cards with sentiments and stuff, Post pictures of the cards, Clean my desk and get ready for the next batch. : )

Ok chya for real, for real, now.


Posted March 10, 2010 by .unpaused. in Life, Quickie

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