anh noi, se dua em di suot cuoc doi   Leave a comment

ma sao, khong dua duoc doan duong em di
anh noi, se om em khi gio dong ve
ma gio day, mot minh em dung trong mua
– xin loi tinh yeu

My boss: How many attorneys does it take to get a cake? There were 4 of them in that car.

I love my boss, her boss, his boss, and his boss.

Just had the going away party for work. Was relatively low-key, though pretty much everyone showed up. Boss had ice cream, cake (which her lawyer husband had his boss(?)’s friend’s wife make and then went to pick up and all that), fruit, and Mother’s eggrolls and noodles. They stuffed my tote for me, Geezuz Chryst I didn’t know that tote could grow so big. I’m, content. I can’t wait to go to Japan, experience, and then come back here. As Mike (my boss’ boss) said, I’m not supposed to stay over there. And apparently my mini speech was good. Lolz.

Ah, thank you Lord. I’m lucky.


Posted March 11, 2010 by .unpaused. in Life, Quickie

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