hen anh ra noi day, sao em lai khong den   4 comments

mot lan cuoi de hai dua hai duong – lan hen cuoi

So, this past weekend was spent in Maryland for a youth group leader retreat. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

(What’s going on??)

(Oh, just getting our leader scarves, you know, those things we’ve been nagging for for months.)

And what do Youth Group Leaders do right after they receive their scarves?? Take cute pictures of course!!


The other two were no where to be found.

In the words of Tina…”TNTT is LOVE.”

Late night snack!

We went to bed at…2AMsomething the first night…Or well…Saturday morning I guess. Then we woke up at 5AM to shower.


We couldn’t go back to sleep so, went around taking pictures of random things and then helping cook breakfast.

Creepy hallway in the early hours of the morning.

Testing out ISO settings. Gahh.


Breakfast time!
Tina, Catherine, and I broke all those eggs.

Mix mix mix…

A. Tri cooking our eggs. Heeee.

Lunch later that day.

So….Chinh Hai was on the Sinh Hoat thingymajiger, and he told Tina Catherine and I to come up with games to play. We did, but we thought he was just kidding, like he wasn’t really going to put us on the spot for real. Well…he did! And since there were three of us and none of us wanted to do it, A. Tri was like…OK let’s just choose one at random…Nhu-Y! And I was like….that so wasn’t random…so the three of us ended up doing the game together. We took “What time is it Mr. Fox?” and turned it into “May Gio Roi Chua Oi?” Hahaha, they seemed to have had some fun.

Intensely planning strategy during our game. Lolz.

One of the parts of the retreats is having the groups act out mini skits that have to do with the themes of the retreat. Our group’s topic was “An,” one of the words that Frere Phong, the guest speaker, was talking about.

“Pretending” to be a mean leader. Yelling at the kid for coming in late.

A. Vu forgetting his lines.

Reminding him….

But he still didn’t get it! So had to improvise…Lolz…

Happy ending.

Frere Phong tummy-butting one of the HT. Hahaha, Frere Phong is awesome.

Attempts at artisticness.


Learned a new game at the retreat. Apparently Otouto and his friends have been playing this game for a bit but, I just learned it from the HT.

After reading this post a few times, I really have to say…how freakin WRONG does this picture look? Like…has anybody else thought to themselves…what the heck is he grabbing?! HAHAHA. I mean, I know what he’s grabbing but, for the sake of laughing to myself, I’ll just leave it at that.

We’re praying….for a win!

This is what retreats are for, I guess.

Group 2
Our generation. : )

One of many group pictures. Find me!


I honestly had quite some fun at the retreat. I wasn’t looking forward to it that much, I just wanted to come to hear Frere Phong speak, because I think he’s pretty awesome (and he was, he was so funny and everything he said was really meaningful!). I didn’t think I’d be getting my scarf, and I did. At first I didn’t feel like I cared that much. Yay, a scarf, OK. More responsibilities, great. But now…I don’t know…I like my scarf. HAHAHA, Tina, she’s so cute. I swear she’s like, in love with her scarf. She wore it all the time, even when we were wearing normal clothes and we didn’t need to wear our scarf, she would just wear it over her sweater or something. I’m glad she likes it. Lolz.

I think…I’m going to try harder. I know being a HT is hard, it’s a whole lot of work but, we’re official now. I’m going to leave and have a great time (fingers crossed!) and then I’m going to come back and slide right into my life again. I’m looking forward to it.

On a note on responsibility…Tina was asked to be the secretary on the new council. I’m so happy for her!! YAY! She’s going to do great! Gahhhh no, you guys don’t understand, I’m sooo happy for Tina. Out of everyone, I feel like I want her to succeed the most, because I think she deserves it. The kids love her and she’s so sweet and kind. Tina, you’re going to do so great hun! We’ll always support you!

Another note on responsibility, they asked me to be the level leader for the Au Nhi. I don’t know…I’ve thought before about being it but, maybe in a few years. Not…now! Well…you know me I can’t say no so, Lolz.

This is great though. Tina and I on the council together. Tina is more powerful though, she’s the actual secretary! OMG, I feel like to some people I might be sounding so sarcastic but, I’m so happy for Tina. We’re going to rock together.

I’m excited, if you can’t tell. Haha. I’m glad I went to the Tinh Tam. I found myself not acting like myself throughout the whole thing. Actually making convo, saying “hi” to people, haha, a few more of these things and I’ll be golden. Gahhhh, for some reason being a little more comfortable at youth group is making me really look forward to Japan even more. Lolz, A. Nguyen spilled the beans during HT sharing time and told everyone there that I was going to Japan to Study Abroad. And then he talked about my dad and I cried! So now that’s all out in the open. Lolz. And people…congratulated me. I figured they were just congratulating me on the scarf, but then people actually wished me luck in Japan, told me to come back with stories (appropriate ones, I’m sure) to tell the kids. I didn’t think any of them would actually care or listen, so, yay. : )

Well, overall I’m glad I went. I learned a little more about the HT. A lot of people in our group has issues man, but they’re the ones who alway show up. I loved Frere Phong’s lectures, I took in a lot.  And I’m glad I was with Tina, she’s so comforting. Lolz. If I were a dude, I’d totally hit on you……….multiple times!!! : )

Alrighty, three posts in a row, go Nhu-Y! Now…back to work…Yay…

I swear tonight I really have to start sorting my stuff and at least pretend that I’ll be ready to pack in a few days. Blah.

Chya! For now! Yay for happy moods!!


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4 responses to “hen anh ra noi day, sao em lai khong den

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  1. LMAO. Oh Nhu-Y, stop making me blush! Haha. I’m sitting in the library giggling like an idiot. ^^” I’m sure you’ll do fine in Japan. I’ll keep you in my thoughts & prayers. Don’t you worry! 😛 & when the time comes, please come back. I can’t wait to hear all your amazing stories and see all the beautiful pictures you’ve taken. 🙂 I love you lots! <33

    • It’s all true dahling! So proud of you : ) I hope you giggle like an idiot forever!

      HEY! You weren’t supposed to come here ’till after you got your card! Sillyyy!!

      – Nhu-Y! –

  2. LMAO. I know! I only read this entry, I promise! ‘Cause like, on my iTouch, it only shows the subtitles of your entries, not the full thing. So I’d have to click on the titles to actually read the whole thing. Tehe. xD

  3. I have to comment on this entry because:
    1. Your entry has my favorite song as the subject line…love the song.
    2. I had a great time at the retreat and was very grateful that God gave me a chance to get to know you guys. I know I spent a lot of time sleeping 😀 …don’t blame me, I am old.
    3. Wanted to send my congratulation to you guys on becoming a leader/HT. When I saw you guys wore that scarf, I felt like I just renewed my vow with God. Thanks guys.
    4. You posted my picture up 😀 hihihih…yeap, the last battle with the sweetest innocent girl …(Tina, will train you to become the most cruel, aim to kill ninja in the ninja game :D)
    5. Congrats on your new positions (Nhu and Tina). You guys are Doan’s future. You guys need to move up for us to move out…Time for me to find a hubby and settle down hihih..Don’t want to be another “Chi Mai” (hhehe good thing she doesn’t read blog)

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