i close my eyes   Leave a comment

and i smile
knowing that everything is alright
to the core
so close that door
is this happening?
– 18th floor balcony

So last Thursday work threw me a going away party. It was nice. I love and am so thankful for my co-workers.

The Cake…that was deeeeelish! That it took 4 lawyers to get. Yay for cake!
Half the crowd. The other half was hiding on the other side.

It was sweet. I gave a mini little thank you speech that Andrea said was great so yay!

Now…on to the presents! : )

Invite/flyer to the party.
A haiku for Nhu-Y!?! : )
Because they know me so well…a Pooh card!

Luggage and bags from my bosses. Those two tote bags together cost about as much as my luggage. Gah!

I’m to pin a pin on each of my shirts so that if I get lost, whoever finds me well know to return me to the USFWS-Duck Stamp Office. HAAA! Love them..
Adapter! YES!
Omg I can’t wait to start using these. Lolz!
These are all from my boss, Pat. See how that book to the right has a purple sticky in it? Well…this is the page it was marking for me:
Because that’s what they know I’d enjoy. Hahahaha.
Beth, she really did think I’d need the safety goggles.
ITUNES! I heart Seth and Sarah. I thought the card was gonna be like…10 bucks, the normal amount right? 25 frackin dollars man!

And then today Ellen gave me $25 cash. She’d actually bought me a gift card so I could buy travel books, but then she saw that I already got a bunch from Pat so she just gave me the cash amount. I was like…ERM! I can’t take this! So she shoved it in my hand. As a downpayment to make sure I come back.

Thank you thank you thank you! I love my work place and everyone in it!

Lolz, and then last night, Mike, the Chief of the office, added me on Skype. Gosh, I’m so lucky and I know it. Thank you thank you thank you!!! Thank you Lord for this place. GAH! Can’t wait to start sending back pictures and update emails. Hahaha.


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