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anh bo vo don coi tung ngay den – xa

First thing in the morning…lost my earring! One in the pair I wear the most too…dam these two part earring thingies with the loose butts! I guess it’s just a pair of earrings and I can get another one…but not until the far, far future because earrings are expensive! Aish…I should rotate my earrings more, so I don’t get attached. Lolz. Why not just buy a fake pair, you ask? Fake metal makes my ears go red and itch and burn. I know, what a curse. Aish aish aish!

So, it’s Wednesday. Wednesday….10:20 in the morning. Next Wednesday at 10:20 in the morning I’ll be….flying to California. Yayyy.

Did you guys know that I have a thing for crafting supplies? Because I do.

This is going to be my Au Nhi Idea notebook. Lolz. Getting quite ahead of myself…

Cool embossing stuff!

And of course, stamps!

I’ve been meaning to get those flip book stamp sets for awhile, so cute! But the posted price was $10 so I didn’t get them for awhile. Yesterday at check out, turns out they were only $6-7 each (of course didn’t find out until I got home). I might go back for more. : )

Kind of random…I just ate a Dove chocolate, one of many I’m sure (who’s bright idea was it to put the office’s candy jar at my desk?!) and the little message says: “You do not have to clean like your mother.” Excellent.

So, what did I do with all that embossing and stamping supply?

A Thank You card for my office.

A Happy Birthday card for Teddy to give to his Mom.

I put this card in the mail this morning for someone who I felt needed it.

The state of my desk after the jump.


Well, hello there Pooh bear!

All clean now are you?

You’re so lovely.


This layout has such weird spacing settings. Ah well.

I’m probably going to make more cards tonight. I will most probably go and get more of the flip book stamp sets too. Dammit, why have I no self-control?!



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