tu n’as jamais souris   Leave a comment

si tendrement, je crois
tu es la plus jolie, tu ne me regardes pas
– et tu dances avec lui

Made some more cards yesterday. : )


So, basically I meant to make the square see-through, but the ink wouldn’t dry on the vellum. So I ended up having to put a piece of blue cardstock underneath. Next time, less color, or specialized ink. To get the image, I stamped the angel in black on vellum, then took a brush and painted in the colors with stamping ink. I love it! I embossed the stars and the wings. : ) (Inspired by kwernerdesigns.com)


I love the angels from this stamp set. They’re so pretty! So basically, again stamped the angel in black, but this time on white cardstock instead of vellum, then painted in the colors. It’s quite a big card…Idk what I’m going to use it for.

So, I did end up going back to A.C.Moore for more stamps, that’s where I got the Angel stamp set. Turns out all the $10 sets were marked down to $7. I do feel for my wallet though so I’m going to stop but, inside I really wanna go back.

Clear block, Cherry Blossoms vellum (I used the other sheet on the Angel from the first card), brush.

I actually wanted to find a Blender Pen because that’s what I’ve seen other people use to paint their ink with, but I could not for the life of me find one at A.C.Moore so, I opted for a brush. I freakin love my brush. Lolz. It’s perfect : )

Angel stamp set, two more of the flip book stamp sets.

I can’t wait to make more stuff! Gah!


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