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I’ve arrived! I am currently lying in bed in Osaka, Japan. : )

The flight was wayyyyy rigorous.

Mother, Co Nam, and Chu Hoa took me to the airport in the morning. I hadn’t slept since I woke up on Tuesday morning, because I’m a last minute packer. I’m a last minute everything, actually. Lolz. Yea, should stop doing that. If I had started earlier, maybe packed better, I would’ve packed more things I needed, less things I might never use but took up so much room.

Anyway, I started at Dulles airport in Virginia…(Washington, D.C? Idk…) and flew on United into Los Angeles. For that flight, I had a middle seat between this lady that I think might’ve been part of the crew, and a dude and his son. His kid was cute. Lolz. I managed to get in some sleep, but it was mucho uncomfortable. About a little over an hour before the plane landed, the lady asked me to switch with her, so I ended up getting window seat for a little less than two hours. Scenes from one of the many Final Destinations (which I never saw) flashed through my head. Slept more, those naps were much more comfy…Landed in L.A., walked around looking for the International Terminal and bought some lunch before heading to the gate. Iced Cappacinos suck. Got on the plane and flew Asiana to Incheon, in Korea. So, Asiana is a pretty awesome airline. When I got to my seat, there was a pillow and blanket already there. They passed out free earphones. Then they passed out hot towels! And then FOOD! I got a steak. It was…real steak. It was about half the size of my hand, but it was real steak. Hot, too. With green beans, potatoes, carrots. Salad on the side. Pasta with mini shrimp on the side. Bread. And a lemony dessert thing! I was like…GDAM! They also let you watch movies. A buncha blockbusters that came out pretty recently. Watched Fame. Was alright. Made me seem like the most inadequate performer ever but, whatever. I attempted to watch New Moon. I HONESTLY did try my best. I got in about 5…maybe 10? minutes.

Napped…then woke up when I heard the stewardess asking someone if they wanted shrimp with pasta or chicken and rice. Yup, MORE FOOD! I, of course, took the pasta and shrimp. This was accompanied by some noodle thingies, bread, something else, and an orangegy dessert thingy. YUMMM. Oh, I can’t believe I forgot to mention, I sat window seat, and the couple in the seats next to me were so nice. They were on their way to the Phillipines for the wife’s family reunion. The husband is white. The couple was adorable! They’d been married a long time too. They were so nice : ). And, one other thing..OMG the stewardesses are soooo pretty! Our stewardess was Phillipina, and she was the prettiest thing, I swear I coulda woulda jumped her. Lolz. So pretty.

So anyway, I slept well, and a lot, on that flight. Landed at Incheon. Cut in line to get through transfers because I was running late. An Asiana stewardess led me to the front of the line, turns out I cut in front of a lady who was on the same flight and trying to catch the same flight. I was like…how’d you get here so quickly?! She wasn’t too happy with my cutting but, whatever. Flew Asiana to Kansai, in Japan. WINDOW SEAT! My neighbor was a stern looking middle aged Asian man. Thank goodness because at this point I was just a no-no with small talk. Got to eat again! It was…Idk, something Asian. I wanna say…Onigiri? With some sides. Was good. But for some reason, I could hardly manage to get it down, I was so tired. So freakin tired….O, I keep mentioning window seat because I love window seat, but when I called to set up my seats like…the night before I left, they weren’t sure they could get it for me. But I did so yay! : )

Anyway, landed at Kansai. Got in the wrong line…but managed to find myself to the “Foreigners” line, Haha. Found the bus, took it to Izumi-Chou station. Called the Japanese contact, my RA came on the back of a motorcycle of another RA and took the taxi to the apartment with me. I wanted to make myself some mi goi but while unpacking realized…I didn’t bring any utensils. Had a pot, had a whole lot of mi goi…no utensils. But I was also really thirsty, so I took some money and went downstairs ready to go looking for a soda machine, found one in the lobby, yay. : )

Throughout the day when I got tired I got really homesick too. Well, I guess it wasn’t exactly homesick, it was more like, what the hell am I doing here? Lolz. What did I get myself into? I’m sure…that once things start happening, classes start, I get moving around, I won’t get so sadly pensive but, for now I’m still in a kind of shock. I think, thing with me is I tend to hold things in. I don’t react. People react for me. I hardly reacted when my Father passed away. I was sad, I cried because I couldn’t help it, but I was always calm. The tears came because they just did. Everyone else gave me condolences, I was just…there it was…And now, I’m in Japan for months to study, everyone else is really happy for me and me? I’m just here. I’m sure I’ll snap out of it, and hopefully soon. So I can start enjoying myself.

Wow, months, while I was setting up my books and hair and make-up stuff, I remember sort of thinking…”What the hell? Isn’t this a little much for just a short time?” And then realizing…wait…this isn’t a business trip for a weekend…this is for….4 months…that might end up being too short a time, but it’s also realistically, quite a while.

My bed is hard as a rock. I can’t manage to turn on the heat. My internet works fine though. Idk if I’m going to have to pay for the tv that I keep watching. Lolz.

I didn’t know how to set up my futon set. So at first I just decided to put down something that looked like the bed cover, put on something that looked like a blanket, and leave it at that. But I kept hearing girls talking next door to me, and looked up who might be there and if they might be an exchange student, and they were. So at 1AM I went over there and asked them to help me set up my futon. That’s a feat for me! And they did, help I mean. They were really nice. : ) So that was cool.

Started this at around 2AMish but my arms are tired, my shoulders ache, my wrists are starting to feel, and I have to get up in 6 hours, so no time to get used to the thing….about time something….

Continuing at about 8:30AM. The time thingy I was kind of mumbling about was jet lag. Lolz. My neighbors, the girls who helped with my futon, were still up at around 3AM. I was like…wow…Lolz. I went to bed late because it’s freezing. Lolz. I think I might go over there and ask them about the heater. I have to, because it’s so freakin cold!

Now about to get ready to go downstairs and go to school. Needa, do something, Idk. Lolz. I will update as often as possible people! Thanks for all the warm wishes friends!! : )


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