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Ahh tireddd. I honestly do not know what source of energy I am pulling from. I woke up today around 8inthemorn. Went downstairs at around 9:15 to wait for the other people and the RA. Walked to school, gdam that place is farther than I thought. My legs were sooooo tired. Idk why, I’m not that bad of a walker usually. Probably the lack of sleep, Lolz. I also wore the wrong freakin shoes. You’d think I’d’ve already learned my lesson before. Brand new flats = not good for walking long distances…By the time I got to the school, my heals were bloody. There’s still blood inside my shoes, Lolz. I mean, I did bring tennies, but they’re for running. They’re all old and oogly so, whatever. I’m going to stick with my flip flops from now on, I don’t care how cold it is. Lolz.

So in the group I was with in the morning, there was this French girl. She was nice. We talked most of the time there.

We didn’t do much at the school, just filled out paperwork applying for things. Afterwards, Emma (the French girl) and I went to the cafe in the school for some breakfast. Good lord…they have some good food. I got something that looked like Tuna Fish, which it was. Lolz. And a Caramel Frosty! Yum yum.

I didn’t take any pictures, I didn’t feel comfortable yet. Lolz. Anyway, after breakfast, Emma and I walked to the train station (yes, me in my bloody heels) to buy some supplies. First shopping trip in Japan! That store had freakin everything! I just got myself toilet paper, a hair dryer, soap, boring things.

Then we went back to the apartments and I attempted to somehow wash the blood out of my flats…yea didn’t work too well. Haha, ah well. I changed to flip flops and then went with Emma and another French guy, erm…Damien..(?) to the convenience store. When I got back, Emma said I could come to her apartment if I were bored, and I was going to but when I got in, I finally started to crash slowly. Lolz, noticed how extremely tired I was and so, just took naps. I say naps because I didn’t actually sleep through. I kept waking up…forgetting myself, then going back to sleep, such like that. And people kept calling me so I kept being woken up. At around 6:30 my RA called and told us that the RAs were taking the students whose first night is tonight out to dinner. So went down to the lobby, met more people, went to dinner.

I’m going to just announce right now, there are so kyooteeeeeeeeee boys here. Haha. In the morning we were with two Korean boys. Cute. And then tonight there was a guy from Holland but I think he’s Vietnamese. The other girl from my school told me to say something to him, I was like…No. Lolz. But, he’s really cute. Hahaha. I think I might’ve shown that I was in shock from his cuteness when he introduced himself to me. Because of so, I forgot his name! Haha. Yay. I managed to make conversation with the people around me (I think all except the Vietnamese Hollish boy), it was nice. I don’t know if they’ll remember me in the morning, or if they will have met more people by then and not even notice me anymore but, I don’t care. Lolz.

So, in the afternoon before dinner, I knew that Emma wanted me to come to her apartment to kind of hang out. Then my neighbors came and asked if I wanted to go shopping, to dinner, and clubbing with them. I did want to go, but I also thought I had to go to dinner with the RAs, and I was uber tired….so I had to decline a few times. And then Sharlene (the other girl from Mason) was thinking that I was going to the dinner because that’s kind of a given, so I was like…Ah dilemma! I mean, tomorrow Sharlene might’ve met more people. So can Emma, her friend is supposed to be here and would be here if it were not for problems with her passport, but she will get here at some point. And my neighbors have their own friends. Idk if they’d want to hang with me anymore after me turning them down. They said maybe I can come with them tomorrow (Saturday night), but they were kind of unsure because then they’d be clubbing two nights in a row so, I don’t know. Haha, I have over four months here still. I’d like to make friends I can hang with, and everyone I’ve met so far seems pretty nice but, I don’t know. I’m kind of an awkward person. I hope it works out! Heee.

Oh yea! Also. Haha, I’m not the only person who knows NOOO Japanese. Emma doesn’t know much either. And the two people from Germany (the girl is so pretty! I think I caught the French guy and the other Holland guy totally staring at her..cuz she’s pretty!) also don’t know any Japanese. Haha so….yay!…? But of course, the other kids are pretty fluent, so, it’s a kind of big gap. And you know what Americans?! Not everyone speaks English. Lolz.

Ok, going to blow dry my hair with my brand new Japanese hair dryer thingymabobber. Then off to bed! Tomorrow I’m going to go on the tour of the city with the RAs and the other exchange students. I don’t know how many people are coming but, I hope I find at least someone I can kinda hang with! Nervous! I didn’t get a day to crash and get rid of my jet lag though. And orientation starts next week so, oh well. I’ll try to sleep in on Sunday, maybe.


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