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Gahh…I can hardly remember what I even did today….

Oh, so I guess, last night, or, this morning, or…yesterday morning…I had such a hard time sleeping. I went to bed close to midnight, and when I woke up, I swore it must’ve been close to morning or something, turns out it was only about 3AM. Went back to bed. Woke up again at 4AM. Back to bed. Up again at 7AM. Really wanted to cook breakfast but couldn’t get out of bed because I couldn’t get my heater to work so my room has been freezinggg, and couldn’t get the stove to turn on either. Blah! Managed to lounge around until 9AM, got ready to go on a “tour” of the town. Ended up walking around the Izumi-Chou train station, and then going to the next station and looking around there. It was kind of a pointless trip, if you ask me. I guess it did get us out a bit farther than usual but, still. Anyway, they ended up finishing the tour at around lunch time and told us we were free to do whatever we want. So I, Sh. (the other girl from my school), and E. (the French girl I met yesterday), went around the train station and went into this quaint little shop to eat. Then a mini little cafe place for dessert afterward. The food was soooooo good. I couldn’t read the menu though, so I basically just matched up the price and the kanji that I could understand from the displays to the stuff on the menu. Then the lady asked me something. I chose one of the choices but had no idea what it was. Lolz, whatever, it was good nonetheless. Lolz.

After dessert we took the train back to Izumi-Chou station and I went into the 100Yen store. It’s like our $1 store, but the stuff at the $1 is so cheap and pretty terrible quality. Not at the 100Yen store. Man that store is so gee. I’m going back. Lolz.

After that, I went back into my room…lounged around for an hour or two, got a call from my neighbor, who actually went to Momoyama last semester but hadn’t left yet so is crashing with my actual neighbor. She invited me to dinner at her place, so of course I said yes.  Sh. was with me so she and I went to the convenience store and bought some Plum Wine. On our way there we met Sa. coming back from shopping for supplies, so we invited her to dinner too.

Dinner was…interesting…there were only two dishes, and we finished it quick….I think I’m going to attempt to host a dinner at some point. Maybe with more food. The food they had was really good though. Lolz. We ended up coming to the dinner at 7…and leaving at midnight. Yea. We just sat around and talked and joked. Some people drank. I drank some of the Plum Wine, it was OK. Tasted like Xí Muội to me. Lolz. But…alcoholic. Also had some Japanese beer, did not care for it at all. Met this dude…yea crazy French guy. He got totally drunk. I think overall he’s a relatively nice person but, he’s like…a much more snobby, outrageous, jerk-y version of Reed. I like Reed much better. Reed might share some of the habits with the French dude, but Reed is much more open-minded and less controlling and less full of himself. Or maybe it’s cuz I’m just used to Reed, who knows.

Reed: Sh., the girl who’s from my school, asked if you were my boyfriend. I said no and made a face. She laughed and asked why. So I explained. Then later she asked what your girlfriend thought of me, and I happily replied “SHE LOVES ME!” An answer to which I am very proud and Sh. was very surprised. : ) Yay!

So anyway, at some point I got a little laughter high and yea…that’s that. Lolz.

Something I noticed at the train station earlier today…yesterday, I guess. When the RAs basically set us free, pretty much  nobody left. Everyone just hung around their own big groups. People were following other people, those people were going wherever the RAs were going. I don’t know, it’s like they might’ve been scared to explore or something. One girl we asked where she was going, she said she was following this guy, we asked the guy where he was going, he said wherever the RA is going. People just kinda waited around the RAs and such. Sh., E., and I decided we were hungry, so we just left to find food. Lolz. One of the guys we talked to said that he was completely lost at this station, didn’t know where he was. Well technically, so were we. But I think we wanted to explore more, liked to look for adventure. Everyone else was just…waiting to be led, I guess. So our group was the first to split and go, I don’t know what other groups did after we left but it didn’t seem like they were breaking away anytime soon. Just something I noticed.

I went to Sh.’s room today before dinner, and then of course I went to my neighbor’s room for dinner. The two of them are really, really set up. I might’ve mentioned before that while I was unpacking, I remember thinking to myself, Geezuz why did I bring so much stuff? And then realizing that this wasn’t a weekend business trip for 3, 4 days. It’s a whole 4 months. Well…more like….132 days…give or take a few days because I’m terrible at math. Why didn’t I set myself up? Why didn’t I have more supplies? The 100Yen store had a lot of stuff for really good quality, a basket for my makeup or a trash bin would’ve costed me less than $2USD. And, chances are, I might end up shipping them back home too. They’re such good quality! I didn’t want to set myself up, I didn’t want to get attached, but I’m staying here for a pretty long time, a while, at least. I should decorate my room a little more, make it more mine, maybe I’ll feel more comfortable and less…home-sick, maybe. I mean, I haven’t been too worried about home-sickeness because I’ve been busy walking around but, I think I’m going to try and actually establish my room here. I guess if worst comes to worst and I can’t bear throwing away all the stuff I buy, I can just pack it all, send it home, and let it wait until it can adorn my apartment for grad school. Right? So I think later I’m going to make a list and try to get all my stuff at the 100Yen store later tomorrow or in the week. If I can’t find something at the store, I’m not going to make the effort to get it somewhere else but, if it’s there, it’s for a cheap price but good quality, then why not? Sometimes I feel like I want to cook something (now that I know how to turn on the stove), but I don’t have a cutting board, a knife, food. All I have is packets of ramen. Lolz. So…whenever I get the urge to eat, I get lazy and don’t. Because I have no supplies. Yes, am going to set myself down for now. I’m going to try though, not to get too attached because, obviously I have to leave but, for now, I’m going to try and find some contentment here. : )

My neighbor and her friend mentioned that they had to go to church tomorrow, because we wanted to meet up with them and asked them when they’d be free. Reminded me that…I have to go to church tomorrow. Great. Japanese mass. Lolz. This’ll be interesting.



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  1. LOL, japanese mass. AWESOME.

    x] sounds like you’re having a blast. friggin 100 yen store! TELL ME WHAT IS IN THEREEE! xO I should transfer some of my money from my bank to your account now. LOL.

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