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Gahhh Sorry for being m-i-a for the past few days. It hasn’t been that long though, right?

It’s 11PM right now, I’m about to cook myself something, eat it, then shower, and be ready for my movie-date-over-skype with Dolores. : )


Continued 10 days late.

Wow, I am the worst. Hahaha. So, the past few days have been insignificant for the most part except for a few stories here and there.

Classes started last Wednesday. My class on Wednesday is the class on Miyazaki Hayao’s anime. I like the class relatively much. I mean, it is about anime, how can one not like it? Only problem is the teacher is Japanese and has a very thick accent so, kind of hard to understand. And since there are quite a few Japanese students in the class, the teacher spends half the time speaking in Japanese, which is OK, since that gives me some time to relax and/or do work. So for the first class we basically talked about the class, then she gave us a 45 minute break, and then we came back and watched a short, wrote about it, and that was that. Lolz. Fun!

Thursday I had Art and Society. The teacher is also Japanese, but she has a lighter accent. Her accent is actually more of a British accent, than a Japanese one, probably because she studied/lived in Britain for a while. Uneventful. Then Japanese. I like the class and the teacher. I found out today though that I won’t be learning any kanji in this class…which sucks balls. I guess I’ll just learn on my own or something.

Haha, I hate blogging after I’ve talked to Reed. Because I rant and relay my life with him, so when I blog about it afterwards I feel bored. Lolz! Alright how about this? My Unseen History of Sex and Power professor is British and might be kind of a jerk. I had a throwing up incident in this dude’s room because I drank too much too quickly. But it has been solved. I decided to take the Introduction to Japanese Studies class that is made up of excursions. I don’t know what to do for Golden Week. And now pictures…

A little late but, this is the view from my balcony…


And now pictures of my room. This is from the other day, I decided to take a day to just clean the place, man was it dirty…

Fridge with Pooh magnets. Teehee!
Balcony…with my clothes drying outside… : )

Speaking of my bed, one of my RAs came by today to take a look at my bed, because it looked like it was broken. So when I called him he didn’t quite get it, but then finally he was like “Ohhh,” so five minutes later his sexy self came by, tool kit in hand, placed the tool kit on the floor and took some tools out, sprawled himself down on the floor to look at my bed, and omg, I swear it took all my energy not to jump his hot sexiness. Hahaha. I mean, the boy is only 19, and he has to be the sweetest of the four RAs, but he’s so cute! And what a nice bod. Hahaha. Ok…I got way sidetracked. Anyway!

Alright, because I have so many pictures, I’m going to make this post just my most recent update. I’ll post more posts later with just pictures and stuff.

Today I went to Osaka City (pictures later), and got some clothes as well as….


Gahhh I can’t wait to lie down on the Pooh pillow. Teehee, he’s lying right next to me, just waiting for my heavy head to rest on his bod. HAHAHAHAHA wow. Leave it to me to make sleeping on a new Pooh pillow into something erotic.

Ok so, I’ll post pictures of Osaka Castle and Osaka City later.

Oh, just a few last updates. I went clubbing for the first time last Saturday. Thought it was fine. I bought a bike today. I hope I don’t die riding it.

The end. I found out how to spell “Chya” the right way. It’s actually “Jaa.” Lolz. I think I might keep to my own spelling though.



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